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Got Grossed Out

Boy, my new neighbors are two lesbians. And nice looking. The younger one knocked on my door, their toilet backed up. And she was anxious and uncomfortable as hell. I sent her straight to my toilet. Then go see what was going on. Mind you this duplex is old, 1940s construction.

Well it was clogged. I went down to the hardware store, rented a power driven snake, started at the access to the sewer line outside and man, her line going back into her side was packed with tampons and pads. One or both of them were flushing their hygiene stuff down the toilet.

To get to where I'm going, I did clean out their line, sat them both down, not accusing one or the other and told them, never flush that stuff down the toilet. The older one, I'm talking like 25, said her family had lots of problems with their sewer, and gave herself away.

So where are we today, the younger one cooks pasta pretty well. The older one pretends to clean up. When it's pasta night they have me over. The younger one is all over me, I'm not planning on grabbing her ass or anything, but she acts like a bitch in heat signaling the street dog she's ready, willing and able. Damn I want to fuck her. But her 'partner' never leaves her alone with me.


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