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Player Confession

I've been coaching a middle school co-ed basket league. One day I noticed one of my best players wasn't playing his best. He seemed to be in a fog. So after practice I held him back and asked him if everything was ok. He just stood there staring blankly then he just burst into tears. I put my arm around him to console him. Once he got his composure back I asked what was wrong. He made me promise not to tell anyone or call the police. He told me since his parents divorce, he and his mom having been living with his mom's parents, his grandparents. I know his grandparents. His Grandfather is a tough guy marine that is very standoffish. His grandmother is a loudmouth w*********h woman but is kind of sexy for an older woman. He went on to confess that his grandmother has been mol**ting him. She has been coming into his room naked and getting into bed with him. She has been sucking his penis and has even got on top of him and fucked him. After he told me he threw up and begged me not to call the cops. What was I going to do? How could I help him? I asked him if grandpa works. He said no but he volunteers at a dog shelter on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12 to 4. So the next Monday I went to his house to talk to grandma. I made it under the guise that I was checking on all my players to make sure their grades were good and everything was good at home. She invited me in. We had coffee and talked. She seemed lovely I couldn't believe she did this to him. She adores him. I then let it slip about my divorce and that I needed to find a woman like her. Then I noticed a transformation. She wasn't this sweet and happy homemaker grandma anymore. Now she was a hungry cougar on the prowl. She asked me what I was really doing there. I told her I was checking, and she stopped me mid sentence. She told me that was bullshit. She said I was there to get into her pants. She went on to say that she sees how I stare at her at the games. She got up from the couch and took off all her clothes. Her body was banging for a woman in her early 60s. She took my hand and put it on her nicely manicured pussy. She wasn't dried up. She had some dampness down there. She put her leg up on the couch as she stood in front of me. Eat my pussy she told me. I dove right in. She held my head with both hands while I licked and sucked her pussy. I even got a little lower to lick her ass. I then stuck 2 fingers in her ass while I devoured her clit. She then pushed me off and fell to her knees and pulled my cock out. I was harder than a lead pipe. She rubbed my cock and sack all over her face. She then gave me the blow job of a lifetime. I never felt anything quite like it. She sucked me for about 10 minutes then she got on top of me and rode my dick like she was a champion rodeo rider. I then flipped her and got on top. I pounded her pussy. I punished it for what she did to her grandson. I was relentless. She pulled me close, dug her nails in my back, teeth into my shoulder and then let out a scream. Barely gasping for air, eye makeup running... Grandma was cumming. She could barely get out the words but she was able to say "Cum in my pussy..." Just as she said that I exploded in side of her. Then I collapsed next to her on the couch. She said "Coach that was amazing! I'd really like this to become something more."
I answered "what about your husband?" She confessed he was a eunuch. The meds he takes has rendered his cock useless. I told her I will fuck her every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday if she promises to stay away from her grandson. She looked at me in shock. I said I'm serious. I'll fuck you, satisfy you, give you what you want just as long as you leave the boy alone or else I go to the authorities. We've been fucking for over a year and she has kept up her end of the bargain. Her grandson is a freshman starring on the varsity team and his grades aren't bad either.


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