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I Love Peepshows

I used to visit another country for my previous job a lot (like weekly). In some of the biggest cities overthere they had peepshows. I always loved jerking off in front of women, so when I discovered this, this was like a dream come true!

There were a lot of foreign girls working there, but one German girl was my favorite. She used to work in multiple cities, so at one point my work agenda got based on in which city she was performing at the peepshow. She really loved to watch me cum and would sit on her knees behind the glass with her tongue out begging me to shoot my load.
At one point I got sick and couldn't travel for a while and in that period all the peepshows got closed. I still jerk off every now and then thinking of her.



by Anonymous on Apr 8, 2021 at 7:50 AM

New York City’s Times Square District and mostly the area of 42nd Street near 8th Ave and up 8th to about 44th street had awesome Peep Shows in the 80’s and 90’s. Some places had the glass, some had lap dancing but the fun ones had the windows that went up so you could tip then touch the ladies. Depending upon what you wanted you tipped. Titty play was $2 for 3 minutes. Touching a pussy or Ass was $5. I love it all but have always had a major fetish for women’s feet and legs in stockings or pantyhose. I had my favorite ladies who I knew always wore stockings but was always looking for new talent. I was a young pretty boy, so the ladies were exceptionally good to me as they were tired of trolls and old pervs. Even though I had a girlfriend and got what I wanted in bed I was cumming 3-5 times a day everyday. Sometimes more. So when I was at the Peep Shows it was for my fetish.
I would go in the booth, drop my coins, pick the stage girl I wanted and after tipping up front would ask her to take off her high heel and let me play with her foot and leg. My cock would be out and throbbing as I felt the soft nylon. The variety of the women made it more exciting. Some of them would moan as I massaged those tootsies and then they would switch feet telling me how hard it was to stand on that stage for hours. Some of the ladies thought my fetish was cute and would rub my beautiful rock hard 7 inch cock with their soft silky smooth pantyhose feet one at a time while telling me not to get my cum on their stockings. I was so hard that you could feel the heat generating from my cock. The orgasms were always intense. I blew so many hot loads stroking my cock, playing with stocking feet and staring at pretty ladies with beautiful faces, tits and pussies. All the different colors of stockings combined with the variety of nail polish colors and the different women made it like a buffet. Their ages varied from 18 to about 50 or so. I played with the white and Latin ladies and one chubby Hawaiian gal who always wore nude knee highs and knew just how to work that cum out of my cock with her feet. The ones I knew well I would tease and tickle to hear their laughter. One cutie with brown hair would have me bring her pantyhose to wear and we would “sneak” into a video booth where I got a full foot job and would cum on her feet and legs. Some were thin girls, some average and some rather curvy ones with a few plumpers too. Then one day in the late 90’s the laws changed and all the girls has to stay behind the glass. Most of the places closed. I was crushed but the memories of those countless beauties over the years are wonderful.

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