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My Husband Recently Admitted Me To That He's A Cuckold

As the title says, I was shocked recently when my husband admitted that he was a cuckold, and don't really know where to turn. I'm looking for advice, recommendations, chat, just someone to help me wrap my head around this.

I mean, my husband is such a loving, sweet, hard-working and kind man that's always been a bit shy and, to use the kinky term I guess, submissive. It's funny to me that this is all coming out because compared to my previous relationships, he's what society would call a "nice guy", a "beta", a "wimp", but it's what I love about him. I had once had a super aggressive, almost insulting boyfriend who was such a piece of shit, and my husband is like the COMPLETE opposite:

- My husband is the type that's a wallflower at parties... and that's okay! My past bfs had been extroverted and fun at parties, but it's not like my husband gets upset when I'm social. He just smiles and sits in the corner.

- My husband loves helping me shop, hanging out with me, going to brunch with my girlfriends. He'll pay for things, carry my bags, kinda like a puppy dog but not in an insulting way. My previous bfs would scoff at this kind of stuff.

- My husband doesn't freak out when guys hit on me at bars. I don't wear my wedding ring because I have crazy allergies with almost all metals (I literally wear plastic costume j*welry because why the fuck not), and so yeah understandably I get hit on. I'll get a drink, casually chat with the man, get a number (which I dump in the trash when I go to the bathroom), and my husband just sits beside me quietly.

- My husband tries to make our sex life fun, even though YES, he does have a very small penis. Ladies secret here: we aren't obsessed with size! But if you're tiny, then make up for it. He loves eating me out, foreplay, kissing. And while I do miss intense fucking, I don't hold it over him AT ALL.

I guess I kind of figured out that stuff was up when a couple of things happened...

First of all I started checking his iPad safari history, and I think he just mistakenly didn't realize that he wasn't in incognito, and I've been seeing for the past few months TONS of cuckold porn. Which is totally fine but it's like 90% of his history lol.

Since he's been working from home, I've noticed that he's been jacking off in his office alone a lot. Like, he'll be on a "zoom call" and will tell me not to bother him, but I'll peek in and his head will be thrown back, index and thumb fingers on his dick, pants around his ankles, and I'll see his camera off with a zoom call on one side of his desktop, and literal porn on the other side.

And recently when we were having sex, he brought up my ex (who lives across the country) and while my husband was pumping away, asked me whether I still loved him. I mean I was totally freaked out, but in the moment I played along, saying "Oh yeah, I love sex with my ex, I miss him so much." You should've seen his face, he literally busted in one minute. I was amazed!

I don't know what to think, what to say to this confession. It literally happened one night as he was having a beer, watching some old college football (he's a frat boy at heart), and was a little drunk. I was just on the couch, looking at instagram, and I was floored...

So yeah, based on all the above, I need advise!



by Anonymous on Apr 13, 2021 at 10:11 PM

Do you love him? Do you value his happiness as much as he values yours? What can and will you do to ensure that you both have a wonderful life together moving forward.
I believe that with some guidelines in place you both will find long term happiness. Deep down you have always known who he is inside. It just wasn’t flaunted in your face.
Now that you know, teamwork and progress are a must. He needs to find his happy place and so do you.

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by Anonymous on Apr 14, 2021 at 12:43 PM

Nothing makes me hornier than watching a guy sliding his cock in and out of my wife's blond bush. I love seeing her happy and it's just a thrill. She doesn't know it, but I'd love to be sucking those fat cocks to get them ready for her wet pussy. For now, I'll just be content helping her get guys to get her fucked hard and long.

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by Anonymous on Apr 14, 2021 at 4:53 PM

Fantasies can be fun and spice things up and not actually done. Ive heard so many tales, a lot on here, where a guy will say I want to see my wife get fucked, then when they actually do it, either she likes it and doesn't want to stop, or he ends up getting jealous and it wrecks things. Ive done a threesome with a couple where the guy was into watching us and he would always end up jealous and Ive have to always make sure he was involved even though initially he wanted to watch. Tread lightly before bringing another cock into your marriage. It can change things. Keep it a fantasy.

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by Sefone on Apr 22, 2021 at 11:20 PM

In order for a cuckold relationship to work you both have to be into it. He gets off on the thought of you being with other men and it have fantasy of that with my wife but after I cum in feel a different was sometimes so its very tricky. First you need to know if you will be able to just have sex with men and not have feelings if you can do that then try something small at first like giving a guy a hand job or blow job and see how he feels. Never do it with friends or family

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