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My Gay Seduction

June 2009 I was promoted to Senior Internal Auditor and sent on my first overseas assignment. My assignment, my company's Dutch trading subsidiary based in Amsterdam. My flight a non stop KLM from Chicago to Amsterdam. At the airport waiting lounge waiting to board I met a man, the international counsel for a multinational also headed to Amsterdam. He was flying Business and I was in coach. He told me he was loaded with miles and we walked up to the counter and he upgraded me to business with him.

We sat beside each other, he showed me the ropes and we watched a movie and slept on the flight. He invited me to change hotels and join him downtown. We checked in and agreed to meet for a drink at seven and dinner afterwards. Two drinks, a cab drive to a nice restaurant, a bottle of wine. We walked back to the hotel, stopping at a club for a nightcap. He knew the club well and it took a bit of time to realize I was in a gay club, and he wanted to dance.

That night I went to his room with him, he took his time, introducing me to the pleasures of gay sex. My mind was in one place, my body another. Slowly I agreed to his advances, oral sex, body massage, kissing, ending with anal sex. I couldn't believe what I had just done, I begged my way out and went to my room where I went through several anxiety attacks. The next day my work product was horrible. Back at the hotel I ordered room service.

He came to my room, he did not take no for an answer and after a lot of persuading and caressing and kissing I again submitted to anal sex. That night I cried myself to sleep. I somehow knew I was gay, I wanted his attention, I wanted to have to have sex again.



by asharingman on Jul 13, 2021 at 6:48 AM

It's truly amazing how you can say no but still desire for a man to make love to you,I know this feeling all to well and have given in a few times I realized now that if I want to be satisfied in bed it has to be with a man and I have to be his gurl. Maybe this should have happened to me when I was younger then I might have been a wife to a hot older gentleman.

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