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Memories That Need To Be Let Go

Back when I was in college I had a summer job working as a waiter. The bartender was a Mexican man in his thirties and he befriended me. At one point he invited me to his apartment, a non airconditioned garage apartment in the run down Mexican neighborhood. Inside he got undressed until he was only in his briefs, and he danced for me and laughed. Laying back on the bed he invited me to lay down with him.

He stroked his dick into an erection, blowing me a kiss, he invited me again. I fought the urge to leave but surrendered and went over to him and he helped me undress, rubbing my chest and back, kissing me, stroking my dick until I was totally naked. He took his briefs off and his erection rubbed up against me. It took a few moments before I was sucking on his dick and he was toying with my ass. He got up, brought a bottle to the bed, fingered my ass with the content and then mounted me and inserted his dick in my ass.

Laying back naked on the bed after he had fucked me, he took a camera and took several pictures of me naked. A few more with his dick against my lips, his dick in my mouth, his dick in my hand, and after getting erect again his dick in my ass. I cooperated, enjoying the moment.

A few days later I was at his apartment again and after we had spent time having sex and getting fucked, he showed me the prints of the pictures he had taken earlier that week. Back and white, a couple 8 x 10s, the rest 4 x 6. I loved them and after begging him he let me have them, keeping the negatives. These pictures went into a shoe box hidden under my bed.

From college, to my first apartment, until today this box has been with me. I've had several lovers these many years, some a day or two, some for a time, But my heart never forgot Samuel, and when I needed too I relived my summer with him by touching, remembering with these old black and whites.

I know I need to get rid of them, they are a memory of a very long time ago. But if I die someone will find these pictures of me makes on a bed, of Samuel, his beautiful dick in my hand, against my lips. I love these pictures, very naughty pictures of when I was young.



by Anonymous on Jun 11, 2021 at 9:43 AM

I was a cute twink of an 18 year old working with in a commercial kitchen between high-school and college. A short stocky 25 year old Mexican and his slightly built Guatemalan roommate became my friends. I was invited to spend the July 4th weekend with him to meet his roommate. I thought maybe he was gay by the way he acted around me and I didn't really know what I was being an 18 year old virgin at the time. His roommate worked 2nd shift and Benny and I had a few beers and Benny was in his white underpants smiling and holding his crotch motioning me to do the same with him. "You virgin, you virgin, no girl, no boy, come sit." He beckoned with broken English and his wide toothed smile. He wanted me to sit on his lap in my skimpy briefs, "come, you no be virgin, no more!" He was serious and his short boner pointing north in his underpants was peculiarly exciting. The beer and the moment became me sitting face to face kissing with him and me being prodded through our skimpy cotton briefs and I pointed north too. I was enjoying the feeling of his thick short cock and he told me "now suckee ,now " pointing me to go down on him and I did. I was okay I guess because he came instantly and laughed and said "Good, much good!" and he picked me up and carried me off to the bedroom, dropped me on the bed, flipped me on my stomach and said "you my pretty boy now!" He took some lube from the nightstand took my underpants off,lubed me and himself and painfully forced his short thick cock in me. He fucked, came, fucked and came again and it was hotter than hell for me and he knew it would be. "Hurry shower, Herme come soon. " He actually washed me like I was a kid and I loved it and that's when he took the shower pic's of me with my pert twinks ass freshly fucked and all lathered up. That whole weekend him and Herme treated me to all sorts of new experiences that were cataloged by tons of photos. I was a little embarrassed about it and was reluctant to go to work but my dad's an executive with the company and I went. Benny was wonderful and except for his hands wandering around my non-virgin ass he was cool. Two weeks later he presented me with an album of dozens and dozens of me with him and Herme in 35mm. My first reaction was "Who developed these?" He replied "My friends, you beautiful, pretty boy they love you!" I'm married now and 5 years have gone by but I still have my pictures and my wife's found them ands cool with me.

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