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My Girlfriend And Her Sister And Cousin

For 7 months now I've been fantasizing about my gf her sister and her cousin taking turns on cucking me and keeping my cock locked now to be completely honest I'm not the biggest and she doesn't care she says but a couple of times now I showed her some porn with guys with big cocks and I can see her starring at them and biting her lip so I bought her a g*ft for me it's a chastity cage which I told her turned me on if she put it on me she did and boy I should've done that sooner because she's not only a good key holder she also gives away the keys to her sister and cousin who also know about my little dick now as she told them and they are taking it quite well. Now yesterday when I came home from work the 3 of them were sitting at the table laughing and giggling I said hello to all and realized that there was a strange man in the house who I didn't know my gf asked me to come and sit at the table as she wanted to talk about something and I sat down she proceeded to tell me that the man was going to fuck the 3 of them and I get to watch and clean up after the man grinned at me and I could see a clear big bulge in his pants my gf got up first and started to strip him from his pants and this massive cock I would say 8 or 9 inches just flop out and she started to jerk him and told me to stand next to her and pulled out my cock and compared the 2 even the guy laughed when he saw my locked cock they proceeded to fuck and the sister and cousin to I don't know how but this man filled the 3 of them up when her cousin told me to lay on the floor so they could facesit me to clean them up yeah yesterday was good and from now on I'm 3 latina girls their cuck and I love it and the man is their bull they even told me if they get pregnant I'm gonna raise the babies while they keep fucking


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