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Caught In The Act

So working from home worked out good for me but also led to an embarrassing situation which I'll keep short for you.

So It happened during a normal work day me and my gf sending dirty texts I was working in one room and she was doing something in another and I said about her giving me a little visit which she did. She walked in completely naked, pulled my dick out and started riding me while I was with a customer and all was good. I needed to start typing so my gf lent right forwards and held on to the foot rest so she could keep going. Then an emergency meeting was called. The boss wanted to do a video call so I told the gf and she said she wasn't  stopping so I took the call.

Adjusted the camera so I could move round and give my gf more room and started talking to my boss. She was talking about this and that it was hard to focus but I got what she was saying. Anyway she asked if I had anything I'd like to ask I said no, I asked her if she needed more details and she said yeah. I asked what she needed to know and she said why has your girlfriend been naked having sex with you throughout the meeting. I then realised she could see the mirror behind me which shows the full mirror on the other side of the room so she could see everything including my girlfriend who had just taken my full load and was dipping her fingers into her pussy and eating it. My boss wasn't impressed and I got a warning but at least it wasn't a group meeting.


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