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Erotic Shower

I was divorced and turning 40 when things went on a new course for me. My condo is on the waterfront and as a single male it was easy to have a gal over for fun .Something was changing within me however .I was noticing men and their bodies more and more .At first I wondered if it was sexual curiosity but I sensed it was deeper than that how deep I was not sure.

My eyes were drifting to men's bulges and I snuck a glance or two slyly .I was checking out all sorts of men young and old, all races and physiques .I had started masturbating with male images in my head and found the orgasms deeper more full body .One afternoon on a whim I picked up a couple gay videos from a variety store and got incredibly horny watching them .Seeing the hard cocks became addictive and I started frequenting an adult video store and purchasing more gay porn.

In my condo complex I began noticing this shorter wiry mid 40's guy with a bushy moustache who worked there to maintain the building. He smiled when I noticed him and said a friendly word or 2.I began picturing him in my sexual fantasies and having thunderous orgasms thinking about what his cock might look like .One hot summer afternoon he was painting in the cool underground garage one Friday afternoon near my car when I got out and we exchanged some pleasantries .He mentioned he would love a cold beer today after he was done and I took this as an opportunity to offer him one as I had a case in my fridge upstairs .He eagerly accepted and mentioned that he needed a shower after earlier working outside in the heat .I realized I had a couple of men's t shirts one of my ex girlfriends who had a similar build to him had left that would likely fit him as well as a pair of unisex jogging pants that were hers as well. I said he could shower too and he smiled telling me he would be done in less than half an hour .I told him my unit number and went upstairs excitedly.

Sure enough 20 minutes later he knocked on my door and came inside .Being 6ft 1 to his 5ft 8 it was a sexy feeling when he moved close by as I got him and myself 2 cold beers .There was this sexual chemistry between us that made me nervous and hyperaware of his presence .He sat down at my kitchen table saying he was all sweaty .We both sucked down a couple of quick beers and I felt a buzz of horniness .I offered him the shower and he quickly went to my bathroom and I heard the water running .I got clean clothes ready and realized I had forgotten to get him a clean towel .I went to the door and knocked with the towel. I heard him say come in so I did. As a put the towel on the table in there I could see his naked body through the transparent screen .He poked his head out and said "Why don't you join me"? My heart skipped a beat and I felt a wave of lust .I took my clothes off and stepped inside .He looked me up and down saying nice figure and I noticed his cut cock was rock hard and bigger than I thought it may be around 7 inches long and sexy as hell .My own cock stiffened as he pulled me close .He started washing my naked body and his hands roamed at will .It felt so intense and good. By the time he got to my cock I was ready to explode .He jerked me off steadily and I blasted a load of cum all over. He milked me dry. God it felt amazing .He looked up at me and gave me a soft lingering kiss .I felt this deep need to look after his cock the way he looked after mine .I surprised myself by going on my knees and engulfed his stiff prick between my wet lips .I had never sucked a cock before but felt this tremendous desire to suck his cock and empty it of its seed. I sucked him greedily with incredible need and he blew his load in my mouth rather quickly .I swallowed it all as if it was the last load of cum in the world to enjoy .I loved the sweet taste and felt sexy having blown him completely .After the shower we ended up in my bed necking and eventually he gave me a full blowjob relishing my cream just as much as I enjoyed his.

Fred spent the night and I blew him again in the morning before I cooked him breakfast .We smoked cigarettes and chatted merrily in that afterglow of having spent the night naked in bed together. We became steady lovers and the sex grew even more passionate .He started dropping by often. Over time I began letting him fuck me as the pain turned to intense pleasure and loved how his cock drove deep inside my anus. Him fucking me doggy style was especially pleasureable and he always blows a big load inside of me .As a couple we just seem so compatible it was natural he moved in with me after a year or so .Fred at 72 still tops me and we are both now retired. In some ways the sex is deeper 25 yrs later and even more complete. I think that over the years accepting my being gay has allowed me to surrender fully to my man.



by Anonymous on Jul 11, 2021 at 2:39 PM

Very hot story I two am leaning more to the gay side at age 64. I messed with guys but never anything like u have.

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by asharingman on Jul 12, 2021 at 5:16 AM

That's a beautiful story , I've been married for over 25 years but the feeling of a man in bed with me is so erotic and sensual now I would rather sleep with a man than my wife or any other woman

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by asharingman on Jul 12, 2021 at 5:17 AM

Btw all you sexy older men I happen to love older gentlemen

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