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First Big One

I put bi male in the gender description, though I have yet to fuck a woman. I've sucked a total of 4 guys over the last 2 years. 2 of them were early on, and oral only. The first a couple years ago was only three times, his mom found out and they moved away. I sucked him and used my hand on myself, he never sucked me. Next was a my my age and I sucked him for almost a year. I even started swallowing with him, and I would use my hand or he would used his hand on me. He sometimes licked me along the shaft but never sucked me. I am the type that has almost no hair on my body, only on my pubes and head. I don't even shave at 18. Sometimes after he'd used his hand he would take some of my cum on his finger and put it in his mouth.

That ended with I met Carl, who was the first guy to fuck me. He and the others were all between 5 and 6 inches, and between and inch and inch and a half thick. Nothing too big. While Carl and I would meet up, I started seeing a married guy in his 40s who wanted my mouth, me to swallow, and to fuck me. Oral, swallowing and anal, all the things his wife wouldn't do, but I did for him and for Carl. Again, all pretty average in size.

While I do like letting guys fuck me, I do dream of dating a girl who will let me do it. The married man has shown me nude pictures and videos of his wife naked,and him fucking her and I get real hard. A few times he's fucked her and didn't wash up and I got to taste her off his cock. I really like the smell and taste of her pussy juice.

After last night though, I know what a big cock is. I should say a huge one. I got together with a man I've known for a while, just never thought he was wanting me, or any other guy. But last night I went to bed with him and it was HUGE. I really wasnt' sure I could take it in my ass. My mouth was sore from sucking him, it was over 2 inches thick all around, perfectly round like a canister or something. It is 10 inches long, with an even thicker head. After a lot of kissing, and playing, and pinching and stroking, and lube . . . LOTS of lube, I wanted it. I was begging him to go slow, but after I got used to it, I was begging to be fucked like a whore. I am so sore today. He fucked me three times during the night, then again in the morning, and once more about 2 hours ago before I left his house. I am in love with his big cock. I'm sore as hell, but if he called me over now I'd give it to him again. He cums more than any man should, it's got to be three to four times what the other guys do. I'm supposed to go out, which means get fucked by, Carl tonight. I don't think I can, and don't what him to notice how loose I am, I should wait, but in some ways I wouldn't mind him fucking a loose piece either.

I still want to feel pussy, but I really like HUGE cock. I don't think I'll ever be the same.


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