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Canal Boat

Invited back to their canal boat after enjoying an outdoor classical concert, I knew why I was being asked back.
Or at least I thought I did.
We'd met months before and I'd mentioned then in a semi drunk state, that I have a big cock.
We get to the boat and Mark says to me "Please fuck her hard. She loves it".
Michelle his wife is a slut as I've found out. She adores cock and as a nineteen year old then, I wasn't going to disappoint her. Or more to the point, miss out.
So there I am after lots of mutual oral sex, in between her legs fucking her missionary.
I'm really pounding into her when I feel Mark spread my arse cheeks and begin tonguing my hole.
It's not unpleasant, so I carry on fucking his wife.
This bit I'm unsure of.
Somehow after maybe five minutes of him tonguing my arsehole, I feel his hard and what seems like huge cock, enter my arsehole and I'm immediately loving it.
There was some pain, but no where near as the wonderful pleasure his cock is giving my arsehole, cock and mind.
It's absolutely amazing. And I genuinely couldn't help myself from telling a man I hardly knew to fuck me.
I'd had sex with girls my age before, but never had gay sex. So having Mark make me experience anal in such a way blew my mind. It wasn't just good, it was absolutely amazing.
And Michelle got the benefit as well, as Mark fucking me only made me and my cock more rampant.
When Michelle orgasmed, and wow what an orgasm, she shook violently. Mark stopped fucking me and pulled out. Which I was instantly disappointed at, then Michelle got up from beneath me, put on a robe and went to sit outside.
As soon as she left, Mark pulled me up so I was kneeling, then reentered me. If being fucked almost flat on top of his wife was amazing, then having just his gorgeous cock pounding into my arsehole as he fucked me doggy, was simply undescribably brilliant.
I'd never felt so in tune with my body. Every nerve ending was alive with sexual pleasure and Mark knew it.
He changed his pace, his depth and the force in how he fucked me.
Mark was telling me things too. Telling how beautiful my arsehole felt on his cock. How I was a natural receiver, and how if I wanted to, he'd teach me to enjoy gay sex more.
And all this information came through a fog of sheer joy he was giving me.
My orgasm nearly had me crying, it was that intense and everywhere throughout my body all at once. My cum shot down onto their bed, but Mark just kept on thrusting into my arse. Then like a freight train going through me, he came hard and pumped every last drop into my bowels.
Wrapping himself around me, he kissed the back of my neck, then withdrew to lay next to me. Only then did I see his gorgeous cock.
It couldn't have looked more similar to mine. Same length, same girth and even has the same upward curve.
Pulling me to him, we kissed, my first male kiss. And at the same time he had me massage his cock and balls.
After some time kissing and caressing where he massaged my arse cheeks, he pushed me down so my face was at his cock. It was rock hard again by then, so doing what I'd had girls do to me in the past, I opened my mouth and sucked in his dick.
That didn't come as natural to me, but Mark guided me over the next twenty or so minutes.
When he decided he wanted my arse again, he had me put my ankles on his shoulders, then Mark slid his cock back into my cum filled hole.
We fucked for a long time in the missionary position, not changing once. And throughout we kissed too.
Michelle which I didn't know at first, came back into the boat and watched her husband fuck me. Only when he'd cum for a second time, deep inside my body did I know she was there.
Her words were "Utterly beautiful".
For two months I visited their canal boat. Sometimes I'd fuck with them both, but mostly as Michelle worked shifts in a hospital, Mark and I had sex.
He taught me everything over those two months before they decided to sell their boat and move to Portugal.
They didn't move straight away, but by then I was also having sex with a married guy I met in the shop I worked at.
He was more into fucking me like a sex toy, than any real intimacy. But I enjoy that type of sex too.
I miss Mark and Michelle, but I do hear from them time to time.
They are returning to the UK for a couple of months soon, so Michelle can do some medical training. Mark's already asked if I'd like to move in with them whilst she does her training.
I've already said yes.


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