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Forced Buggery

Has anybody experiences forced male buggery, i did in the army when a small troop of us went on an observation exercise, on the first night the sergeant said at bed time i had to go through an initiation to become one of the troop, i guessed what it was i didn't let on i was bisexual, i pretended to i wasn't gay and it was a new experience, i will leave the details out ?




by Anonymous on Jul 22, 2021 at 4:37 AM

I did as a kid 13 hanging out with older guys in their later teens early twenties at the local forest preserve. They got us a little high on pot and the rest was history.

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by Anonymous on Jul 23, 2021 at 1:16 PM

At 15, hanging out with 4 older boys who were 17 and 18. Got in the car went skinny dipping in the river, at a very private area. They had blankets and we laid on them. I am still very small, thin, and very little body hair except on head and crotch. I was taking sun lying on my stomach, two of the guys swimming two up with me on the blankets. The two by me were starting to jack off and encouraged me to do so. I just stayed on my stomach, one reached under me and grabbed my hard little cock and said I must like watching them. Soon one was holding me while the other was using suntan lotion and sticking his very long cock into me. I was crying and begging them to stop, the others came out and watched me get fucked. He was replaced immediately by the second boy. All of them took turns. 3 of them went 3 times, one went twice but the first time he made me suck him in front of everyone, that's when the third boy started fucking me at the same time. After that I was fair game for them all and any of their friends. Always bare cock, cumming in my mouth or ass.

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