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Inappropriate Behavior

I changed jobs to work closer to home, I worked in Human Resources at a bank but my new job was in accounting at the regional offices of a grocery chain. The dress code at the bank was office casual, skirts preferred over pants. The dress code at the grocery chain was informal, very informal. Most of the women at the bank were naturally attractive, and they took care of themselves, hair, nails and made up. At the grocery chain the women did their best to look like lower class housewives, which is pretty much what they were. It was shockingly different, that's one of the penalties of remote recruiting. When I brought up the subject of mandatory bras the manager, female, told me to mind my own business.

Several weeks into my job I was in the women's restroom, a two stall bathroom. I was wearing a nice pair of black slacks, and a nice silk top. And pumps. My hair and nails were done, and I had professional training on makeup. I looked at myself in the mirror, admiring myself really, compared to the other women. I didn't notice my manager who had been in the other stall. "You think you are high class don't you, to us you're a bitch". And with that she walked up to me and grabbed my crotch. "You like that don't you".

Nothing in my training had ever prepared me for that. The chain of command required me to report any harassment to my boss. I knew the VP only in passing, I couldn't see myself telling him I had been grabbed by my pussy by my boss. I decided to quit instead and go back to the bank. At least there if I was going to be groped it would be by a man.



by Anonymous on Sep 4, 2021 at 8:32 AM

As an HR generalist I have had every type of complaint. Or bragging. When it comes time to fire the creep, they back off. But in my 15 year career only two women have complained about other women. It's gay on straight that angers them. Neither one was willing to go forward.

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