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Buddy's Mom

I grew up in Detroit. I survived! Probably because my parents divorced when I was 15 and I moved out to the burbs with my mom.

I made a few friends early on and one of them had a single mom who was pretty young compared to my mom. She was also a bipolar alcoholic.

He and I became pretty close and hung out all the time. We smoked weed he stole from his mom when she'd pass out. He was kind of messed up now that I look back. But we were good friends and still stay in touch to this day.

One time I went over there to get him to go play some basketball and his mom was passed out on the couch in her robe. She had nothing on underneath as I could see her pussy exposed as she laid there with her legs partly spread. She had a nice looking pussy that she had mostly shaved but for a landing strip of blonde hair. I couldn't stop staring at it. He says go ahead do whatever you want, she won't even fucking know. I'm like no way dude, that's your mom. He says, but she's hot ain't she? Yeah yeah definitely hot. Go ahead, I don't care. I even fucked her before. No way dude!
Oh yeah more than once too. Go ahead do whatever you want. She's dead to the world.
I knelt I front of her and touched it parting the lips like butterfly wings. It was just beautiful. Lick it, I dare you he said. So I did. She moved a bit so I stopped but she wasn't waking up. Go on man do what you want to, I promise she won't wake up. So I did. I licked that pussy, it got wetter and wetter. Juice was oozing out of it and it tasted good. I was throbbing hard. He said go on fuck her. She won't know. I said not in front of you man. He said ok he's going to his room to play Nintendo. Once he was gone I dropped my shorts and just plowed into her and came in like a minute. I filled her up with the most powerful nut I ever had. My cum was now leaking out of her onto her robe between her legs.

My buddy asked if I liked it. Hell yeah that was hot. He said you can fuck her anytime you want. I did. I fucked her at least 100 times over the next year and a half.

I thought she never knew. Until one day when he told me that she told him she knew every time I fucked her. I guess she was not totally out of it that first time. But liked how I licked her pussy and how much I came in it.

That was when I was 19. After that she would invite me over when he wasn't home. I fucked her until she met some dope dealer who took her in as his bitch I guess about 4 years later. Never saw her since. My buddy never moved back with her when he returned from the army. We are both married now with kids. We don't ever talk about those days unless we have too much to drink. I think it really tears him up inside knowing his mom was such a piece of work. I do feel bad sometimes for being part of it all. But then I think, he's doing ok and so am I, so it's all good.

It was more than good for a horned up teenage boy.



by Anonymous on Sep 8, 2021 at 5:43 PM

When I was 16-17, I mowed lawns around the neighborhood on Saturdays mornings. One of my customers was an older lady, in her late 40's . She was chubby single gal who used to invite me in when she went to pay me. She was a lush and always wore the same robe with his boobs hanging out etc. She used to give me beers and suck my cock. Great fun for a kid, and I got paid too !

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by HoneyNips on Sep 13, 2021 at 3:05 PM

This is so hot to me. I don’t even know why, but everything about this turns me on so much. I did have this happen to me, and I knew I was supposed to be mad or upset or something, but I was super turned on.

I fell asleep stretched out on a couch at a big party where everyone was crashed out all over the place. I had a pillow and blanket and everything. When I woke up something felt odd. I pulled back the blanket and I was naked from the waist down and my pussy was just covered in and dripping with cum. Then I noticed my bra was undone, my shirt was pulled down so they were covered, but I could feel the dried saliva on them so I knew someone had been sucking on them. A friend of mine gave me my panties and jeans and told me he had made love to me in my sleep and how wonderful I felt and how much he’d cum. I pretended to be embarrassed, as other people started telling me they’d woken up and watched (which just turned me on more). He drove me home and I sucked his dick for a few miles until he blew another giant nut in my mouth, god I love swallowing giant loads. Sometimes I think about that night when I’m masturbating and I just can’t quite get there. Does the trick every time.

And this is maybe odd, but I lived with a guy for about a year and a half who would only fuck my pussy while I was sleeping. He’d fuck my ass anytime, and when a friend joined he always gave them my pussy and took my ass. And I never woke up! I still don’t know how he did it without me being passed out drunk. Sometimes I wouldn’t know until later at work and a bit of cum would gush out of me and I’d think oh! I guess he filled my pussy last night! Lol!

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