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I've never been an adventurous man. And I've certainly never been the kind of guy who shows off. I know my body; I'm what I like to call "fluffy". By most standards I would just be fat. Its OK. I've been a big guy my whole life, I'm used to it.
I've really only had one long-term relationship and it ended rather poorly about 4 years ago. I since moved into a nice new house and just decided to live the single life. I admit that I do have a high sex drive and, for a fat guy living alone, that means a lot of porn and masturbation. I'm not ashamed of that.
So as I said, I've never been an adventurous guy. What has happened over the last year is something I still can't quite wrap my head around. I spend a lot of time naked or just in my underwear at home. Not a big deal. Most of the time, my curtains are drawn and even if they're not, there are no windows that line up with either of my neighbors... or so I thought. I also like to lay on my couch. And I often pop some porn on and jerk off while laying on my couch. Its comfortable, I like it.
But, last week I was outside doing some yard work and the neighbor guy stopped by. Good guy, good neighbor. We've chatted a few times. I thought it was just going to be a normal neighborly talk, but then he said that him and his wife can see me from their bedroom window upstairs. That its a clear view from up there directly onto my couch. I just shrugged and said OK and maybe I should keep the curtains closed more. I made a nervous laugh.
Before I said anything else he said no. That they like seeing me; watching me. He said he wasn't going to say anything, but he felt guilty about spying. I wasn't sure what to say, but just nodded anyway. I guess the damage is already done. They've been watching me for this long.
I agreed to just keep being normal. Wasn't sure what else to say. He seemed cool with that and said he'd bring some beer over later after dinner.
Later that day, he popped over with a six pack. We sat on the deck and made small talk; talked about some politics and the race last weekend. We chatted about an hour. It was nice. When he was leaving, he handed me a flashdrive. I asked what it was and he said it was them. They made a sex tape and he thought fair was fair that since they could see me, I should see them. I said no, but he insisted i take it.
Even later that night, I took a long shower and walked out of my bathroom. At first I thought of closing my curtains, but the thought that they were possibly looking in kind of made me horny...or hornier. I thought fuck it, and plopped on the couch bare ass naked. I grabbed my laptop off the coffeetable and plugged in the flashdrive and double-clicked the file.
My neighbor's cock was front and center as he filmed; his wife walking toward him giggling, then lowering herself and giving him head. I was instantly hard. My heart started beating wondering if they were up there... I kept watching. His cock was a lot bigger than mine. And she sure knew how to work it. Her tits were nice, not Playboy perfect, but quite lovely. They swung as she lowered herself down on his shaft.
The camera (or phone) shook a bit as she stood and shedded her panties. Her hairless pussy was practically begging to be impaled. She straddled him and, reaching down, guided his standing pecker into her. He tried to hold the camera still, but she was riding him hard. They eventually slowed down and switched positions. She lay on the couch. He walked across the room and found a place to stand the phone up, still recording. I admit i enjoyed seeing him walking with a nice boner bobbing out in front. I'm not gay, but I do enjoy the sight of a nice dick. Especially one that's about to be buried in a juicy c**t.
The angle wasn't the best. I couldn't see their faces, but he mounted her missionary and they fucked for a good 8 or 9 minutes. I was stroking my throbbing cock in rhythm.
I hoped to hold out and cum when they did, but I couldn't I came with a groan, cum flying up on my belly.
I let the movie play until the end. I was surprised there was another right after. First it was just a quick view of their kitchen, then it jumped and it was just her laying on the bed, sucking on a dildo, legs spread. I was engrossed instantly. He circled the bed with the camera filming her as she fingered and then fucked herself with her toy. I was so engrossed, I didn't realize like 15 minutes passed. I was also hard as a rock again, my cum from before slimy on my prick.
I watched while she finished, slowly stroking my cock back to full length. Wishing I was that dildo. I wanted to fuck her so bad. After she finished, he just filmed her, naked and basking in a post-orgasmic glow for like 5 minutes. Wow, she was hot.
I lay back on the couch and continued jerking off. Again, the video didn't stop. I was like, how long is this file? they could have broke it up!! This time the room was dark. I could here the neighbor guy talking, then I saw it. As the camera panned around the dark room, it reached the window, and the little bit of light streaming in. He zoomed in, right to me, naked on my couch. I was sound asleep. Big belly rising and falling, my limp dick flopped over to the left. I was like, holy shit, they can see me! Like I didn't already know.
The camera panned back away from my sleeping body and the guy clicked on a light. He then lowered his camera to reveal his hard cock! I was bit shocked by this. Was watching me sleep turning him on? He held the camera as steady as he could as he stroked his cock. Man, the dude has a nice one. He set the phone on a dresser or something, then stood in full view jerking off. I watched intently jerking myself. He finally came with some loud grunting, cum dripping from the swollen head. He picked up the camera and clicked off the light and panned back out of the window to me. And he just filmed me for 10 more minutes. Sleeping.
The next day I was leaving for work. he popped his head out of the backdoor to say good morning. I waived and was going to go talk to him, but he was already back inside. The whole day I couldn't stop thinking about everything. That evening, he came over with more beer. At first we didn't even talk about what we should have been talking about. More small talk. Then, he asked if I liked the videos. I smiled and said I did. He said he'd make more if I wanted. I just said sure, as casual as could be.
I watched them again that night while beating off on the couch. Hoping they were watching me watching them. This has been going on for a few months now. He did make me another set of videos. One of them fucking in their kitchen and two more of just him jerking off.
As I said in the beginning, I'm not an adventurous man, but I think at this point, I need to invite them over to do what we've been doing in person. No windows or computer screens. I find myself wanting to jack off with him. And I also find myself wanting to fuck her while he watches and for her to fuck him while I watch.
I get the feeling they want it, too. We'll just have to wait and see.



by HoneyNips on Sep 13, 2021 at 8:44 PM

They are definitely up for a threesome! You should definitely invite them over for dinner, make the wife’s pussy the first course, and see where the evening takes you.

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