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Got Caught

My friend’s mom came home from work early one afternoon.. We never heard her come in the house. When she opened the door to his bedroom she saw us both naked. I was squatting down in front of him sucking on his cock. We were both thirteen. He had a nice one. I remember looking over and making eye contact with her with her son’s hard cock still in my mouth. My little thing was still as hard as it could and she saw it. Her son quickly took his cock out of my mouth and covered himself. I just stayed where I was squatting down more or less in shock. She looked stunned and said something like “What the hell...” I got up, ran into his bathroom and locked the door. I could hear her talking to her son through the door but I couldn’t really make out what she was saying. After about the longest five or ten minutes of my life she knocked on the door and told me to come out. I was still naked but I had wrapped a towel around myself. I wanted to cry. My friend was not in the room. I was told to sit down on his bed. She stood over me and asked questions about how long we had been doing this and if he was doing for me what she saw me doing for her son. I figured she had asked her son the same questions so I just answered truthfully though it was very embarrassing for me. I told her that I had been doing it for him since we were eleven. And I had to confess to her that he had never done it for me. She asked me a few times during our talk if her son was making me do that for him. Each time I told her that he wasn’t . She seemed concerned about that. She then said that her son told her that I liked doing it for him and that I even asked for it. She asked me if that was in fact true. I just nodded my head I think, too embarrassed to actually say it. Then she just said “Well, ok then”. I asked her if she was going to tell my mom. She looked at me and I think she sort of smiled and said “No, don’t worry, I’m not going to tell your mom.” Then she just left the room and a very short while later my friend came back in. We talked awhile. He didn’t seem bothered about what had just taken place at all. Then he asked me if I wanted to finish what I was doing before we were interrupted. He said “Heck, she never told me that I should stop letting you suck my dick. Did she tell you to stop.” I said “no, she didn’t”. But I was still much too upset to continue and told him I should go home. I got dressed and walked past his mom in the den. I couldn’t even look at her but she stopped me. She asked me if I was ok. I told her I was. She told me not to worry about it. She told me again that she was not going to tell my mom and that she would see me later on. As I was leaving she said “You’re such a sweet boy”.



by Anonymous on Sep 12, 2021 at 9:25 PM

I loved getting caught when i was young and the one time was when i was at summer camp. Before i went to camp i had been licking my cum off my hands. So at camp we slept in tents 20 guys to a tent and when it was lights out all you heard was the sounds of jerking off and in the morning the officer ( it was a military camp) woke us up and gave out demerits for having the things they used to clean up their load from the night before. Everyone except me got demerits that equates to how many hours they are going to march around the bull ring. So on Saturday when the whole tent is marching in the bull ring they see me not having to do it with them and they all wanted to know why. So during the week our tent was on a over night survivalist hike so everyone is around the fire pit and they were on a mission to find out about me. So the questions start. I’m asked how I’m not getting caught in the morning I told them I D K. Then I heard the guy that sleeps across from me and he was the guy that the guys all picked on and he said he knows why I didn’t get any demerits like everyone else does and he told them it’s not because I don’t masturbate because he said that he has seen me do it but he told them the reason I don’t get caught the way they do is because he told them that I licked my hands clean of my cum and then he said that he thinks I must really like it because he told them I really take my time doing that. Then everyone is looking at me and asked if that’s true that I lick it off my hands and do I like the taste of it. I had a feeling where this is going and I was very nervous but I heard myself give them an answer of yes that’s exactly what I do every night then they asked me if I wanted to lick up theirs to. They told me that they were going put my cot in the middle of the tent at the time I was at the entrance at the end and didn’t get much sleep because of the activity outside when anyone had to go to the bathroom they walked past the tent all night long. They told me they will tell the sgt I can’t sleep so they are going to move me to the middle and they want to use my mouth as a dump for their loads so they won’t get anymore demerits and won’t have to walk around the bull ring anymore so I said what’s in it for me so being I am one of the younger guys at 14 and the oldest is 17 they told me they would do everything I was responsible to get done around the camp and they are going to make sure I have no problem with the officers in the camp. Then I asked what if I can’t take everything they put in my mouth and I couldn’t swallow it all. I was told that it will be the oldest and then the next oldest and so on they told me not to worry about that anyway as soon as we got back they moved me to the middle and then I heard them picking the order I will be a dump for and as soon as lights out I had one of them standing over me telling me to have my mouth open and he was jerking so fast and hard like his cock owed him money then he said he is going to blow his load and he half filled my mouth and I swallowed it and he said next and another one is doing the same thing and it went like that for an hour and a half and I was able to handle everyone in the tent and that went on every night and then they asked me if I could suck them off so I was sucking them off until my jaw began to really hurt and I went back to having them jerk off in my mouth. That’s how I spent my summer as a cum dump for my whole tent.

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