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Caught Jerking Off

A few years ago i was hanging out at my best friends house who had a younger sister(only by a year) She was hot and she knew it. She would walk around in see through short shorts and wear bright colored thongs. This one day was a day after a night of drinking and i get super horney very easily the day after drinking and my load is usually extra large. We were in the kitchen and i was leaning back on the counter with my arms crossed talking to her brother. she entered the room and was standing in front of me making something to eat. still talking to my best friend turn to grab something and shot me a cute little smile and continued making food. Her brother went to washroom which was like 6 feet away and as soon as he shut she "accidentally" dropped something in front of me saying opps . As she bends over to pick up the item her bright pink thong is showing a lot and this was driving me crazy and started to get hard. I heard the toilet flush and she went back to making food and i went and sat down on the couch to hide my boner also with a blanket on top. She then sat next to me. My buddy then got a text from his dad saying he needed a hand in the workshop out back he said he would be right back. As soon as he left i jumped up and went into bathroom downstairs saying i just wasn't feel good probably from drinking the night before. But i couldn't take it anymore. I pulled my pants down and started jerking off. i was in there for a bout maybe 4 or 5 minutes. I'm jerking it like crazy and I'm cumming doesn't the sister open the door mid cum and she is literally watching me cumshot for cumshot. She did scream, yell or run away she was just staring at me cumming. She then shut the door went to her room and i cleaned up and went home. I did't go back over there for about a week but man it was awkward when i saw her again.



by Anonymous on Sep 15, 2021 at 11:52 AM

Why awkward? The only awkward thing here is you not getting a feel and making a play for some pussy because she was practically throwing it at you.

Unless she's completely off limits because she's your friends little sister, she should have been in the bathroom with you from the start, either on her knees sucking the hard-on she caused, or bent over and taking it doggy in the floor.

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