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Streaking High On Crack Part 2

What the fuck is wrong with me???, I mean im glad I didn't do anything so for, but I am soooooo hung up on smoking the fuck outta some qual stones lika fiendish horny little bitch that I would fuck and suck cocks on all fours like a slutty slave ass fuck piggy gooboy.
God help me l just can't help thinking about myself with a group of people huddled around me outside while I'm completely naked and oiled, high as shit pointing at my scared turtle head pee pee as l gulp down a shot of Jack and do a monster blast.
At this point I drop down on all fours and cock my ass high shouting "GANGBANG MY VIRGIN ASS HOLE AND FUCK MY FACE!!!"
The men and women with strap ons then form 2 orderly lines and proceed to pound my drooling mouth and gaping lubed asshole at approximately 5min intervals, cumming in said orifices when able like a well oiled rehearsed machine.
The ecstacy is orgasmicly numbing as l gulp down the thick warm jizz and my oozing gaping throbbing asshole expells and dribbles goo in an almost breathing like motion until I'm doushed with the hose and passed to the next bone.
As the ass pounding continues, I'm graciously provided endless monster blasts of pure uncut SAMCbst and I become a zombified fuckpig screaming for more, gulping down loads and licking hoes assholes as they peg me wide open raw.


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