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Matched With My Daughter

About a year before the pandemic I was Inbetween girlfriends so I used an online dating app. After a few weeks I'd matched with and had a number of very fun one night stands. I wasn't looking for anything deep, I was single and horny and after a few dull relationships, I was enjoying pumping and dumping.

I'd seen this one girl suggested a number of times. She was taller than I normally go for, generally I love petite girls, but Rae was 5ft 9. She has amazing curves, beautiful caramel skin, her profile made it clear she wanted an older guy for regular fun. I couldn't resist, I swiped and we matched immediately. Something inside me told me that we were definitely going to fuck.

As she wasn't online, it took a few days to talk properly. We exchanged messages, she seemed genuine, and very responsive. After exchanging numbers she made it clear she wanted to meet, I was already hard as fuck, I was around 42 at the time, Rae was 18. She had an older guy kink, and she was smoking hot. I made sure to quickly tidy up, in case it went how I wanted.

She texts me where to meet her, around an hour from me, and I race there. Parking up at a local church, I see her, holy fuck even hotter in real life. She gets in the car and smells fucking amazing.

We talk, but within ten minutes we're kissing. There's an energy between us that's beyond erotic. She takes my hand and slips it under her bra, she has very large natural breasts, I find her nipple and twist it. She rubs my hard cock over my jeans, 'Fuck you feel huge' she says, I'm around 7.5 inches. I look at her and say 'I want to take you to my home'. She smiles and says 'Fuck yes'.

Driving to my house, she starts to masturbate next to me, 'I'm so fucking wet' she says as she pulls her finger out of her pussy, 'Taste'.

I taste her finger and feel her rubbing my dick aggressively. I need this girl naked, soon.

Eventually we're at my place, we have a walk around. The whole time the tension builds. I kiss her and tell take her hand, 'Time to show you my bed'.

She strips, her tits are even more amazing than I hoped. She pulls my jeans down and starts sucking me. 'Mmm daddy' she whispers, not my usual thing, but I like it. She continues to suck me like she's going to suck god from my balls. I tell her I'm going to cum, she jerks harder and I can't hold it. I explode all over her tongue. She shows me her mouth full of cum, and she swallows. 'Yummy'.

The rest of the night we fuck, for hours. She's utterly insatiable. Eating her pussy was like no other I've ever eaten. A sweetness I can't describe, her hands pushing my head deeper, she even squirts, and I can't help but swallow.

That night was the first of three months of the hottest, dirtiest, most satisfying sex I've ever had. We talk about her staying with me while she's at uni, she tells me that she's falling in love, that night was one of the best we ever had.

Everything changed when Rae confessed to me that her mum, who was originally from Trinidad, had a one night stand with a white guy who was a guest at the hotel she worked at.

As she told me, I realised where this was going. 18 years before, I'd been in Trini for a family holiday. I'd hooked up with one of the hotel nails maids, we fucked a few times, and I thought nothing more of it.

What I didn't know was I'd gotten her pregnant.

Rae had matched with me, because she thought I looked like the guy her mom had slept with, she must have kept some of the photos we'd taken. I'd forgotten about them, and aside from a beard, I looked pretty similar.

We'd already started sleeping together before Rae had realised, I didn't look like the guy her mom fucked. I was him.

We fucked again. Everything had changed. Watching my daughter ride me, look into my eyes and say 'I love you, cum in me daddy' I honestly wanted to ask her to marry me.

I knew we couldn't keep it up though. Admittedly I considered just keeping going, nobody else needed to know. We were happy and she would have been an amazing wife. But I wanted kids, and there's no way I could risk that, let alone what would happen if her mum had found out.

We only fucked a few more times after that. I've never found anything as good as the summer my daughter and I fell in love.

I completely left her life, I couldn't have trusted myself not to want to start up again.

And at the same time, all I want is to bury my face between her legs and feel her moaning for me to lick her to a squirting cum again.



by Anonymous on Oct 4, 2021 at 4:38 AM

Not that you asked but... Once you both knew that you were father and daughter and still had sex, you might as well had followed your feelings and just stayed together as a couple. It might be twisted since you are her father. But love is a rare and precious g*ft. But you two could never have kids.

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by Anonymous on Nov 14, 2021 at 5:34 AM

Go back, fuck her, keep on fucking her, fuck her in public, let her mom catch her sucking and fucking, like the good little slut daughter she is for daddy cock and cum.

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by Anonymous on Nov 14, 2021 at 6:38 AM

Go back, fuck her, keep on fucking her, fuck her in public, let her mom catch her sucking and fucking, like the good little slut daughter she is for daddy cock and cum.

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