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May Be Turning

I was a straight male, I still think of myself that way but last weekend, I was at a party given by some gay work friends of mine. I'd been working so much the last year my girlfriend left me about 7 months ago and quite frankly I'd had nothing but my hand for sex since that time. At the party there was this guy who would step into the bedroom with a guy, then the guy would come out, eventually the first guy would come out. He was taking guys in getting fucked. Later as most of the women and straight guys other than me left, the same guy was pulled over and bent over the dining table and his shorts pulled off and fucked in front of everyone who wanted to watch. A few guys fucked him through the evening. Towards the end my work friend took him into the bedroom and put him on the bed where the guy passed out. My friend came out and announced that he was totally out of it passed out.

Most people were gone and it was my friend, his partner and they both, knowing I'd not had any sex in a while told me to go in and fuck the young guy. I wouldn't do it, and they took me to the door, opened it and his very appealing ass was naked. I told him that it wouldn't be right with him out of it like that. Finally they persuaded me that he does this all the time and he won't mind. "If nothing else, just rub it off in his crack and get something with some actual human contact" my friends partner said. They shut the door to the room and regretfully I fucked the younger guy. I full on fucked him up his ass and shot my load up him. Never having any sexual appeal to other guys, he was good looking, and almost no body hair, he was kind of small framed, and did have a cute butt. I came out rather shamed, but they let on like it was nothing.

Yesterday, I was back at my friends place, working with him on a project from home, and the young man comes by for a visit. My work friend introduces us, and told him that I was the last one to fuck him last weekend. Obviously; embarrassed I tried to apologize for fucking him passed out, but he just said that he was much better when awake and if I ever needed to get off again, without having a girlfriend, I could do it with him. We finished work, and with much prodding, I agreed to have a dinner "date" with the guy I'd fucked. Nothing going to happen, unless I want it, no obvious gay acting, just two guys having dinner. "But, you'll know I have this on under my jeans" he said, walking out of the bathroom with totally shaved legs, in a garter and stockings wearing lace panties.

We went to dinner, and back at his place I fucked him. He asked if he could turn over during and we started in missionary position. He had put on some lipstick and eye makeup when we got to his place, knowing I was "straight". Half way though fucking him he tightened up and squeezed so hard I thought I'd shoot, he said it was "internal" orgasms that he very rarely had with anyone. He had three more begging me to pinch his nipples really hard when he had them. I couldnt' take it anymore and I shot off inside his beautiful butt. After he asked me not to pull out and pulled his legs behind my butt keeping my softening cock inside him. Until know he'd still had the panties covering his cock, but he pulled it out with me still in him and jacked off.

He sucked me ass to mouth, and cleaned me off, then gargled and came back. I fucked him a second time, and again he had the internal orgasms, but didn't jack off after. I sucked on his nipples while fucking him and let him kiss me as I was cumming.

So, I think I'm straight, but I might be turning now. He is very good, but he's also a total fuckwhore and I'm not sure I want that!



by Anonymous on Oct 8, 2021 at 1:16 PM

Mmmm damn if I were you I would take advantage of that, kissing,cumming licking fucking, babe make him your good time meat,then go look for what you want

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by Anonymous on Oct 9, 2021 at 4:50 AM

The first time you fuck him you turn gay. Then you went back for more and kiss well you cum in him . You are gay . Move his sissy ass in with you and enjoy your new life .

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by Anonymous on Oct 14, 2021 at 9:31 AM

It took me a little cock reasoning to realize that I liked guy's that way. I was 18 working my first full time job and was getting banged by two bachelor's in their thirties that I worked with. We'd get loosened up drinking beer after work on Fridays and my fresh, tightly cute little ass was too hot to resist and my white cotton jockey low rise underpants got lost in their bedsheets frequently. At first I thought it was like "just because we had too much " but after a few times it became Friday and Saturdays every week. When I was totally sober and took Jon's cock out of his pants because he got a hard on seeing me in my underpants when we were camping I suck'd him, that's when I knew I was bi and not just a kid curiously experimenting anymore.

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by Bikermeat on Oct 16, 2021 at 9:48 AM

I wish that the party's I went to ended up like that. I would love to have a fuckwhore friend like that. A friend with benefits. I would benefit by going to partys now and being a pantyboy slut too!

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