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First Time In A Long Time

I put bi in the description, though I fucked a friend for about a year when we were both 15. He liked taking it and I liked fucking someone, not caring if it was a girl or a guy. In fact his sister, younger by a year, was my first girl. I fucked her in her ass during the same time I was fucking him, and eventually I popped her pussy too. Since then it's been pussy, ass and mouth from girls and women, until yesterday.

I was getting a massage, having some back problems and after stood up off the table, and was moaning and groaning, he told me to bend over the table and started working on my back again. I was naked and Carl, the masseur was always in shorts with no underwear. I don't even know why, but I reached back and then up the leg of his shorts and was touching his cock. He shot some lotion on my butt hole, rubbed it in, pulled his pants down and started rubbing himself up and down in the crack of my ass. I reached back and put his head to my hole. with that I got it very slowly, but I got it. 9 inches of cock up my ass. He bottomed out, and I could feel his pubic hair pushing against my ass. I squeezed to get used to my backside being stretched. It was my first time getting fucked ever. He started slow strokes and about 15 minutes later started picking up the pace and asked me if I wanted him to pull out. I said "No, give it to me, all the way". He was moving faster and faster, and leaned over me and whispered that he was cumming, with several deep pushes he was shooting into my ass.

After he gave me some tissues, I wiped up, got dressed and left. Nothing more was said between us, other than the normal after-massage talk like nothing happened. I went back home and directly to the toilet. My underwear had some sperm in it from where some leaked out of me. I pushed the rest out, and was left with myself, wondering why I did it . But I liked it, I don't regret it. I liked getting fucked and really liked having sperm inside my body.



by Anonymous on Oct 8, 2021 at 7:35 AM

I got 11 load of cum with in the last seven days balls deep in me. One used a condom. It was a busy week. 3 of the guys really gave it to me good. Two tall guys with big dicks just plowed my ass so hard and deep it was wild I still feel it in my guts. And one uncut hung guy. I can take a dick so I loved it but the first time I feel it long after. The better I get at taking dick the harder I get fucked. One short guy with a nice size cock but not huge not too big plowed my ass so hard I had an accident and had to shower and come back to continue getting it hard. Can’t believe he mentioned he wanted to come back even after the accident… the real reason I don’t tell people I’m gay is because I’m afraid I’ll get harassed for sex with men that I don’t want sex with, I know they’ll want it even if they claim straight. I just don’t want the attention. so I keep it quiet but still get plenty of cock on the regular. I need to stop.

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by Anonymous on Oct 12, 2021 at 3:34 PM

In high school I had two hung friends that I let fuck my ass all the time and I had their cum in my ass almost everyday. Once they found out they were both fucking me they wanted to fuck me at the same time and after that most every time I got fucked it was by both of them at the same time and I took all the cum u my ass they could put in me. They gave me the first of many DP`s in the ass. We even took a few polaroid pics of both their big dicks in my asshole at the same time cum dripping out of me. Fucking hot pics great sex!!

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by Anonymous on Oct 14, 2021 at 9:11 AM

I was a cumslut of a kid from grade school on, one of the problems with being on the softer side of boyhood.
I just turned 18 and like wow I got into a club that is gay and had to be 18 to enter. I learned that you can't be nice to everyone and say OK!

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