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Enjoying The Company Of A Young Man, My First Foray Into Gay Sex

After my divorce I lived alone for several years. Tried dating but way too much baggage. I retired five years later, sold my place and headed to Costa Rica. I rented a place that came with a maid and a houseboy. The maid was an old hag, the houseboy smooth effeminate young man. One day he caught me coming out of the shower. I walked around in front of him naked and let him eye my not so small cock. I pushed him into showing me his and sucked him down first then put him to sucking me.

His smooth ass was just too appealing and using some lotion I slipped my bit too large cock up his ass. His squealing and wiggling just made it better. Been fucking him ever since. The old hag calls me all sorts of names, I tell her to mind her own business. Right now I'm just happy the young man wants to suck an old man's cock, likes getting his smooth cock sucked and can't get enough of getting mounted like the bitch he is.


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