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Builders Bum

There's a lay by I drove past every day down a long rural road. Last summer I stopped there to have a drink and a stretch of my legs.

Another smaller van was already parked up when I pulled in and I couldn't help but notice the young guy driving it, had his cock out and was slowly stroking it.
We kept on looking at each other, then away, then looking back as I became erect.

I'd never been turned on by a guy before, but I definitely had a stiffy because of him.
He signalled for me to walk over, so after thinking it through, I walked to his van. By the time I'd walked the thirty feet, I'd made my mind up, I was going to try and get the young guy to blow me.
It didn't take much asking I can tell you.

Within seconds of me taking my cock out, he was squatting down by his van and sucking on my seven inch dick.
I'd not been that horny for a long long time, so I began holding his head and fucking his mouth.

Enjoying myself immensely, he stopped sucking me, let my cock go and stood up. Using his van door to screen us, he leant over the passenger seat, spread his arse cheeks and asked me to fuck him.
I didn't even know his name. In fact only ten minutes earlier I'd been driving and didn't know he existed.

Even so I told the young man who introduced himself as Aaron, that if he sucked me off, I'd meet him the next day with a condom.
That's when he reacher into his holdall and took one out.
Passing it to me, I thought what the hell. In for a penny and all that.

Putting it on, I stood right up to him, put my cock head to his arsehole and thrust in. He immediately said "Fuck yeh". So I just began fucking him as deep and hard as he could take it.

It was such a spontaneous fuck, I didn't have time to think about anything other than having sexual fun.
And it was definitely that.
I screwed him for about five to ten minutes before my cock let go. And I came up his bum.
Pulling off my cock, only then did I see he'd cum all over his vans door sill.

Getting myself together, he passed me a piece of paper. On it was his mobile number. Asking me to message him if I wanted more sex, I said I would.

Three days later in our beautiful summer rain, I text Aaron. We met at the same lay by and within minutes I was fucking the young builder in the back of my van.
Since those summer fucks, we've begun to meet up at various places for sex. I've even begun sucking him off too. But I'm definitely a top because I love fucking too much. And besides, my builders bum isn't for shagging.

Now it's winter, believe me, it's actually easier to fuck. Once it gets dark, there's no one around and Aaron and I have been fucking a lot recently.
There are half a dozen places we now meet up, sometimes get naked and enjoy each others passion for fucking.
I'm a married man, but I'm not giving up fucking guys from now on. It's too fucking horny.


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