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Kinky Minded Bi Dad Wanting To Be Fisted First Time WANT TO HEAR MORE

I’m secretly bi. I have a few buds. one I’m his on call cock sucker. the other is working with me as a submissive gay bondage bottom. he lacks the experience I wish he had. but is working with me. very pleasurable .

Any advice I could get from others would help me greatly.
Please share anything you can with me. I want to receive his fist in me.

I can take a 2.5” plug at this point with some work



by Anonymous on Jan 24, 2022 at 3:46 PM

Well I’m the author of these true story. this week has been an amazing week.on Friday
Morning I reached our to my new master. He had the morning free and it was to tempting.I took off to his secrete room at his home. It’s an old converted garage.
It was spontaneous….I knew that on Sunday we had planned a session..
But I readied myself.taking a shower and then getting cleaned out.
Once I arrived he had me strip.he always remains clothed.
I stood nude, he walked around me inspecting me.
He touched my cock and balls. then each nipple.
He then place a set of nipple clamps with a chain between them on my nipples. at first
A sharp pain. then my cock hardened….
He told me to lay on the table on my back and he placed mirrors so I could enjoy the VEIW. He tied my cock and balls with a rope. and hands as well. He strapped me with my arms pulled down and hands on my chest.
He spread my legs and accessed my hole. He calls it my pussy and that excited me.
He worked my nipples and toyed my hole till he had me stand and lean over the table and spread my legs .
Soon he was using dildos on my pussy. Then I felt my hole stretching as he inserted a large stone egg, he inserted 3or them….wow….
He opened a little bottle of poppers and I took two long sniffles.
It was over the top…..
My cock was rubbing on the table and he was using my pussy so good…
After over a hour of use he released his slave,I was totally used and exhausted….

He told me that was just a sampling of what was to cum Sunday..

I did not cum. Every time I got close he pulled back.
I went home and Saturday I got the message from my reg buddy that I suck off.
I went to him and I enjoyed his cock and cum, then snuck back out of his home quickly to not wake his roommate…

Sunday morning I readied myself again.then went to my master again.I stripped and this time he had me on my back again. But brought out a spreader bar with two leg straps and three pieces of chain connected.
He placed a cock ring on my cock and balls.and connect it to one of the chains.
Then strapped both legs to the bar, then he surprised me the I large anal hook the he inserted in me and connected to one of the chains.
Then cuffed my hands to the last chain and hoist me exposing my pussy for his pleasure.
He sucked my cock and balls. licked my pussy . And licked and hit my hard nipples.
Every nerve in my body was on fire. And my legs trembled…
Then he leaned my head up and started the poppers…
I was warm and kinda dizzy but flush with heat….
He pulled out a 12” sounding rod and worked my cock deep. I looked up so turned on to see all 2” deep in my cock . He was working the rod in and out. I didn’t want to cum and tried to tell him.soon I felt a pressure and light pain in my cock as the cum tried to escape…
He stopped and it subsided….
Soon he was back at it and I took another big hit of poppers…
I lost it and sprayed cum all over me…
He loved the control and so did I…
Tomorrow I am meeting two other buddies to suck off

It’s going to be a great week

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