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Bosses Daughter

My bosses daughter is a 33 year old slut who gets lots of dick when she goes to bars every weekend. He has no clue at the amount of guys who have fucked her

Just this past weekend I was working late night in the office and she showed up. Pretty quickly it escalated. My jeans I let fall too the floor and she pulled my briefs down dick. She was looking at my big fat limp hairy dick.

She instantly tossed it in her mouth. Tonguing under the foreskin till I was fully hard. She had my foreskin retracted working the head and I pulled out then shot my load all over her pretty face.

Yes I came quick but I didn’t care. She is excellent at giving head. Plus I hadn’t had a bj in a few years.

After pulling my briefs up and pulling my jeans up. She stood up. Reached up in her dress and took off her panties. She tossed a lace thong at me. A pink lace thong. She wiped her face off with some tissues

I looked at the panties then looked at her. Told her to give me a few minutes. Wrapped up what I was doing and took her back to my house.

Fucked her brains out for an hour. My uncut hairy dick was balls deep in her tight shaved pussy. I just prayed to go she was on birth control when I flooded that pussy with a big load of cum. Pulled out and made her clean my cock off

Then she wanted to shower. So I laid in bed naked thinking she was gonna leave but she got back in bed and cuddled up next to me. We fell asleep.

Come morning I fucked her brains out again. She couldn’t get enough of my dick.

Once finished I made coffee and she put her dress on. Later I found out her panties were still in my jeans pocket!

Plan on hitting that tight ass again this week. Hopefully she likes anal because I want that tight butthole too



by Anonymous on Mar 6, 2022 at 6:14 PM

That's great! Imagine being at a meeting with your boss and knowing that you've buggered his precious daughters arsehole!

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