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I Sold My Body To Pay The Bills

A couple years ago my husband ended up in jail for his 3rd DUI. Lost his job, lost everything, leaving me with our son all alone for 18 months. A friend who cleaned houses for a living offered to give me one of her bigger clients to get me started and help me make some money.

First day of cleaning this millionaires house whose married to the fakest woman I've ever seen, with five kids and he starts flirting with me. Long story short I'm cleaning one of the kid rooms when he starts telling me how he knows about my situation and he can pay me extra if I'm willing to "go the extra mile".

I'm not dumb, I knew all along what he was getting at. I ask him what he had in mind and he tells me to pull down my pants and bend over so he can show me. Then he's behind me rubbing between my legs and smelling my vagina.

With his nose touching m vagina he asks "Whens the last time this pussy has been fucked?". I tell him it had been close to a year which was true and he asks if he can "fix that problem". I nodded too nervous to say anything, and next thing I know he's fucking me on his 4 year old daughters bed.

He was rough, never let me sit up just fucked me bent over. When he finished he pulled my underwear all the way up telling me not to get cum on her sheets. He pulled my underwear up so hard and fast that it hurt like hell. Then he threw several hundred dollar bills on the bed and left the room.

I finished cleaning the house that day felling gross but happy I could afford some groceries after picking up my son from school. This became a weekly thing for this client and after a couple months recommended me to one of his rich friends.

For the better part of a year I only worked two days a week cleaning two different houses, letting two different married men have sex with me and I made more than enough money to keep the lights on and food on the table.

The crazy thing is I don't regret it at all. I actually started to enjoy it and look forward to it. One of the husbands actually gave me over a thousand dollars one day when he asked me to wear some sexier underwear and not my usual "granny panties". I told him I couldn't afford any new underwear so he gave me a bunch of money. I went out and spent about half of it at Victoria secret buying a few push up bras and sexy panties for him.

I never lied to my husband either. I'd visit him in jail regularly and while he was hurt I made it very clear it was his fault and I had no other choice. I left out the part about actually enjoying it.

Once a month we were able to do extended family visits with my husband. I remember it being very thrilling having just had sex with a stranger and then the same day having sex with my husband.



by Anonymous on Mar 29, 2022 at 9:00 AM

Did your husband ever go down on you on those visitation days before you told him about the whoring? He ever get a mouthful of rich guy cum?

Were the guys who paid you to fuck bigger than your husband? Did you start getting wet in anticipation on your work days? Did the wives catch on? Any of them make remarks about the whore maid?

Was it always a simple, rough fuck or did they occasionally take their time and fuck you missionary so they could see your tits bounce and your facial expression when they fucked you? Did they always fuck you bare? Ever make you suck their cocks before or after the fucking?

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by Anonymous on Mar 29, 2022 at 11:11 AM

Hey, I've been there and sold it for a lot less noble reasons then caring for my family. It's something as a society we are not ready to talk about but I bet a majority of sexually active low income women will take it to the grave that they either got money, discounts, help, or career advances in exchange for favors.
I wish we were ready to be more open about how common it is. It's nothing to be ashamed about... it's your body use as you need too.

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