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My Most Embarrassing Moment

This event happened in 1997, I was an experienced 16 year old traveler, in the airport in Frankfurt Germany. I was coming home from spending a few weeks with my mother's family in Germany. My layover of four hours for New York was in Frankfurt. I went to a restaurant, had a plate lunch and spent an hour reading. The waiter came over and told me I had to leave. I left, walked around, and went to my gate. When I tried to board I couldn't find my passport or my ticket. I froze, fear overtook me. The gate agent made me move aside, the plane got boarded, the door closed and I watched the plane push back. I had no way of knowing my bag had been offloaded.

I hung around the gate, the gate personnel left. I probably looked pretty sad. A ground agent came over heard my story and took me back out of the gate area, talked to another agent, they called the restaurant. Nothing. She took me home with her to this small apartment, loaned me a nightgown, she fixed a small dinner and told me the next day I would have to get a replacement passport. I slept on a small couch. I felt her close to me and she put another blanket on me. She saw I was awake and took me to her bed.

Close to her in bed she was much bigger than me, I worried she might be one of those women you hear about. I woke up alone in bed, she was over by the kitchenette. I washed my face, got dressed and went through my purse and in the pocket was my passport and ticket.



by Anonymous on Mar 29, 2022 at 8:48 PM

Sometimes in a moment of panic we loose all logical thought or processing. I’m glad it wasn’t worse.

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