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Sometimes You Just Have To Be A Little Girl And Take Your Punishment

I have a very inappropriate relationship with my boss. First he's a much older man. Second I let him kiss me intent. Third I let him cop a feel on my boobs. But the thing I agreed to is really why I'm here. I went out with my roommate to this club with a reputation. My roommate got picked up. I got cold feet and I called my boss and asked him to come get me. I was sitting on the curb when he showed up.

He was very upset with me being there, with my skirt, my makeup. He called me out for going even after warning me of that place. He finished his tirade with 'you need to suffer some consequence for your behavior'. I answered 'so punish me'. And he did. When he got me home, my skirt was very short, he took a ping pong paddle off the kitchen counter, bent me over and spanked me. The first swat stung to high heavens, the second swat hurt, and the third one caused me to start crying.

And that is why I ended up in his arms, my panties coming off and giving up and letting him 'show me who's boss'.


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