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Work Sex

Back before the metoo stuff I had a girl working for me. Not gorgeous but not ugly, just kind of normal like me. She was 5'10 slender, 34C fake tits because she was so lean. They looked good on her. Did yoga and worked out, decent body.

She was a clean freak almost to the obsession point and also accused a guy or two of sexually harassing her just from striking up innocent conversations. So basically she was high maintenance for me. She was a decent worker, but she required a lot of my time, so it was just part of the gig. I'd rather deal with her than have to retrain someone else.

I wasn't sexually attracted to her, honestly the thought never crossed my mind. She was married to a Big Bang Sheldon clone and their sex life was about that way too, non existent. Mine at home wasn't anything to brag about either.

One day I was talking to her about some confidential work related issue with the door closed to her office. Somehow the discussion ended with us in a hot make out session. I don't even remember how it started, but there I was with her pushed up against the door with our tongues down each others throats and me with her skirt hiked up and my hands rubbing her panty hose covered firm ass.

4th of July was coming up and we had an offsight storage facility where we kept important copies of work documents. I asked her if she wanted to help me take some boxes over on the holiday weekend, but she knew what was really going on and agreed.

We met at the storage site, which was a building with empty offices and unpacked the boxes then picked up where we left off in her office. We both had on shorts and t shirts, we quickly undressed in one of the carpeted offices and went at it.

I kissed her all over, sucked on her firm fake tits, when I fingered her she was already soaking wet. I got hard immediately and she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking like she'd never had sex before. She told me it had been months since she had gotten any, which was about the same for me.

I went down on her, she said she had never been licked before. I spent probably 30 minutes slowly building her up, teasing, then slowing down. Finally she couldn't take it any more and I held her clit in my lips and started shaking my head quickly back and forth.

She started moaning telling me dont stop while holding my head with both hands and grinding my face into her pussy. She finally gave a couple of loud grunts and I felt her knees surround my head and clinch hard and hold me against her throbbing pussy. I thought she was going to snap my head off.

She finally collapsed and said that was the first time she had had an orgasm. Ever. The way she reacted I believed her. Now it was my turn, my cock easily slid into her and I started pumping her slow, then faster. I knew I wasn't going to last long, so I flipped her over up on all fours and started pumping her hard.

She started moaning again telling me to fuck her, that and seeing her big fake tits shaking sent me over the edge. I took one final long hard stroke and pushed my cock into her as far as I could and started filling her up with cum. I felt like I came for a couple of minutes, it was one of those times when you cum so much your balls ache when you are done.

We collapsed and laid there for a little bit holding each other. Neither of us had any regrets, right or wrong, knowing our partners weren't giving us what we needed at home.

She got dressed and went shopping. She said she ran into one of our co workers at a store parking lot. While they were talking she said she felt my cum start running down her leg. She wondered if the co worker ever noticed, lol.

We did a lot more for about a year after that. I expanded her sexual horizons...she was fun.



by Anonymous on Apr 11, 2022 at 12:29 PM

This was a hot story. What else happened???

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by Anonymous on Apr 11, 2022 at 5:03 PM

Glad some people liked... re: What else... One time her hubby was out of town. She picked me up and I ducked down in her car and she pulled us into the garage. Somewhere I got this idea about coating ourselves with oil. She had laid out a blue tarp and had two bottles of cooking oil ready to go. We covered each other and did a couple of hours of groping, fondling, slipping and sliding on each other. We eventually got so worked up we couldn't hold back any longer. She pushed me down and climbed aboard my hard cock and rode it to her first penetration orgasm. Seeing her cum and squeezing a pair of oiled up perfectly shaped tits and I was unleashed a flood of cum in her. When she lifted off it came pouring out of her, probably because we had a couple of hours of foreplay. There were times when we snuck away for quickies, like our company pot luck lunch for Christmas. She had to go home and get her dishes she fixed, and of course she needed help so I had to go too, lol. One time she came over to my house while all mine were out of town close to Christmas. I had a big fire in the fireplace going and wamed up lotion. I laid her out in front of the fire and gave her a full body massage followed by multiple orgasm licking. She paid me back by bending over my couch and telling me to fuck her however I wanted. And I did. Eventually she couldn't resist telling her friends how good the sex was. As flattering as that was I was afraid she would get word out at work or to our spouses, so we thought it better to end things unfortunately. We're both still married to the same ones we were and both bored sexually. I ran the idea of us getting it going again, but just too much risk and hassle. We were definitely hot sex partners. She was a fast learner and wanted to explore all kinds of things (like the oil).

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by Anonymous on Apr 11, 2022 at 9:42 PM

Good stores. Thanks.

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