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My Bosses Daughter

Early last month my boss told me I have an admirer.
When I asked who as she began to suck on my cock, she stopped and said "It's my daughter Kasie.
We carried on having sex in my bosses car, but before I came, fucking her asshole from behind, my boss TOLD me "She's off limits,OK".
Kasie is twenty years old, her mother being forty three.
I've been fucking my boss, ever since an ex female colleague let her know I have a large cock in January last year. A married colleague, who I was fucking for a while.
The thing is, Kasie knows perfectly well how big my dick is, that's because not only has she secretly watched me fucking her mom at their home, but also because over the last three months I've been fucking Kasie too.
Kasie makes her mom look tame in comparison. As there is literally nothing she doesn't want to try sexually.
At first I thought she was a stuck up bitch, as she always ignored me when she popped in work with her dad to see her mom.
Only after I caught her watching her mom and I fuck, did things change.
It wasn't blackmail as such, but I knew if I didn't fuck her, I wouldn't have a job.
So three times a week she calls by my apartment, where we have the most dirty sex I've ever had.
How her mom knows she likes me, is Kasie was at our workplace, and she told her mom I was cute for an older guy.
I'm extra careful now fucking both mother and daughter, as I like my job. I just wish my boss hadn't tried to warn me off her daughter, because I'd love to fuck them both together.
Oh well, time to drive my boss over to the motel. Its our long afternoon of licking, sucking and fucking.


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