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My First Time Actually Doing It

During my days when I wanted sex with a man and being kept back by my upbringing and fear of discovery I had the opportunity to make a trip to Rio de Janeiro. I stayed at one of the beach front hotels and after unpacking decided to go for a walk. I had been warned about being robbed so I was without anything but shorts, shoes and a loose shirt. Right outside the hotel was a young man, with a great big smile and he approached me trying to sell me some purses. My first reaction was to chase him away, but he spoke English and I was killing time so I started to negotiate with him.

He asked me if I was looking for something else, maybe for later in the evening. What did I like, tall, short, big breasts. I thought I would shock him and said to him close to his ear, "I like a nice hairy ass, with a nice hole for kissing, with a cock hanging down between the legs". I actually said it, he was nonplused and said that there were all kind of boys in Rio, but to be careful because if they were too young the police would arrest me. 'So no boys, okay'. I looked at him, about 5' 7", chubby, hairy legs and arms, I touched his stomach "how about you?"

I stepped forward and kissed him on the mouth for a half a minute, "do you have a hard cock and a hairy ass?" He was uncomfortable, getting his courage up he asked me if I was security, I of course said no, he asked me what room I was in, I told him and gave him the second card key and asked him when he could be there. He told me it would take a few minutes, he couldn't go up the guest elevator but he would use the elevator by the pool and he would knock three times, but I needed to hurry to let him in before the hotel security found him.

I went back to my room, my heart racing, I had actually asked a man to come to my room for gay sex. When he arrived he walked around the room, I asked him what was wrong and he told me he was looking for cameras. I sat in the only chair and held his hips and rubbed my face in his crotch, biting his dick in his pants. He let me undress him, I'm sure it wasn't his first time, he was covered in hair on his chest and his back, his ass was free of hair but not his crack, and he was was heavy on the pubes. A very hairy man. I was in by then and I sucked his cock before asking him to sit on the bed while I got undressed.

He was sitting on the bed with his leg crossed, leaned over onto his elbow when I sat down in the chair. His cock was there, and the crack in his ass, the hair heavy and by the way he was sitting I could discern his asshole. I stood and pushed him onto the bed and kissed him on the mouth, I was at that point very hungry and I was determined to make my first time count, and not let him know I was new to the game. I sucked his cock for a while and pushed up his feet over his head, exposing the crack o his ass, hairy ribbons of hair surrounded his asshole.

It was too much for me, I got down on my hands and knees and put my mouth between his legs and rimmed my first asshole. The taste is memorable, you never forget it, the smell was powerful and drove my dick into an erection. I spent about five minutes licking his hole and stood up with my erection and he laid back and spread his legs to let me get on. He held his dick and closed his eyes while I stuck my dick in him, I fucked a few times and came in a series of unchecked ejaculations. I was no longer a virgin, I had fucked my first man.

I let him suck on my cock, I ordered refreshments while he hid in the bathroom, we had sex again after it got dark, and in between we kissed and played with our dicks. I wanted to ask him if I passed my first test, but he was sucking on my dick at that moment. He left a bit before midnight, he left a purse for me and I told him I would pay him in the morning

Everything about the encounter went perfect, I loved rimming him more than I would have imagined. That more than anything got him in the mood, and that is what drove me to want to fuck him.



by Anonymous on May 18, 2022 at 11:05 AM

I absolutely crave the chance to rim my lovely wife when she's unshowered. The way you described licking and tongue kissing his hairy crack is SO erotic and exciting. Good job mate.

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