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The Spa With The Happy Ending

When I graduated from high school my family took me to Hawaii. Or rather my family went to Hawaii on the excuse that I graduated. Mother, father, brother, grandmother everyone in one room. I got the pleasure of sleeping with grandma and my brother got the rollaway bed.

There was a Spa special, 100 dollars apiece. My grandma said she would treat the 'girls' and the boys could find something to do. I had never been, I thought you kept your underwear on. But no, not at that spa, show your nakedness to the lady, she's seen it all so get over it. Mom and grandma naked on the other beds behind the curtains.

Oils and hot stones, hands on my neck and my shoulders, and under my breasts and over, with delight in her eyes as she felt me up, over and over she 'massaged' my breasts that no boy had ever touched. A long hot kiss to each nipple, her cheeks between my breasts, her hands went further down my sides, my hips, across the top of my thighs, my feet and back up my legs, my knees, up my thighs, in between my thighs, a kiss on my lady lips. "Grandma paid for a bull Brazilian wax, I'll be gentle I've done this many times".

Open your legs, put a pillow under my hips, she lathered me with hot creams and shaved me clean. Now on your knees, bend down and keep your legs open, she rubbed some hot cream and rubbed it in to my anal entry. Here, she said, spread your legs and she lathered me up between my butt cheeks and shaved me. Stay like that, keep your legs apart, my butt hole up and out in the open, she layered wax on between my cheeks, and rubbed her thumb in my anal entry, that's for pleasure she said, but I do need to wax your little butt. And with that some hot wax and ouch!, she got the hairs off my butt hole.

She went down and down between my legs, waxing and tearing out the hairs between my legs, she turned me over, with the pillow under me to hold me up high, she waxed me and peeled me and left me smooth all over. And I thought it was done but she told me I had to turn over again she was going to lighten up my bottom hole. Bleach it. She took a picture with a Polaroid type camera and showed me my bleached back side, not a hair to be seen.

Grandma paid for a moment of pleasure, with the music getting old and the breast massage and nipple kissing and the massage of my vulva with the palm of her hand, the spreading of lips and hot tongue inside, her tongue poking my vagina. And hot already, streaming wet, she took my clit in her mouth and between her thumbs she massaged my clit and sucked it at the same time. My climax, orgasm, the Big O, call it what you want, was loud and my mother and my grandma giggled.



by Patmale on Jun 25, 2022 at 5:58 AM

Do you still go for massages?
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