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Becoming A Bother

So I have always been into girls and women sexually and relationship wise. Have been spending lots of time with online porn and especially featuring shemales and Dom gay tops.
Lately when I get in the mood for a wank I'm thinking about visiting a very chubby and mature fellow at his home or at a hotel somewhere we'd be anonymous.
Anyway, I imagine this chap stripped naked and having a very big hairy belly over a natural pubic bush, a nice stout 8 inches of dick and a bit of a bubble butt.
I imagine myself walking over to him, dropping to my knees and holding his big ass, pulling him closer so I can fondle, kiss and suck on his big bollocks, then he'd pick up one foot and place it on the couch so I have better access to his steamy crack. He growls filthy stuff at me like "Lick my dirty hole you faggot. Get yer tongue in there and clean my shitpipe ya bitch."
I'm getting a stiff dick thinking how the rim job will make his dick hard and swollen and ready to blow its load on my tongue and down my throat. Wish it could happen, even if only at an ABS for simple glory hole sex.



by Anonymous on Jun 27, 2022 at 10:56 AM

Not up for the verbal abuse but would love to service a fat horny chap with my dirty mouth.

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