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My Drunk Mother

first let me say I was young and didn't realize it was wrong but I want to experience the opposite sex. here we go

when I was 13 my parents divorced and mom was drinking a lot. I hated her when she was drunk but late one night I was going to the bathroom and I saw mom sleeping on the couch. I could smell the alcohol and she was snoring. I turned on a light because I was going to tell her to go to bed. when I turned on the light i couldn't believe my eyes. moms robe had opened up and I could see moms boobs and pubic hair. this was the first time I saw a grown up woman nude. moms body was so much different then my little sisters. I just looked at moms body for like ten minutes then went back to bed. in bed all I could think about was moms body. this was the first time I ever got sexually excited.
i went back to the living room and mom hadn't moved at all. I got my camera and took pictures of her to look at when i wanted. looking at moms body i got up the courage to feel her boob. when i touched her nipple i was amazed moms nipple got long and hard in my hand. i watched her face the whole time to she if she wss waking up. then i felt moms pubic hair which was so cool because i didn't have any yet. it was soft and fuzzy then i felt something between her legs which i hated found out was her labia lips. exploring her i discovered moms vagina and it was warm and slippery and my fingers slipped inside of her. this was amazing that i was exploring and learning about the opposite sex. i sucked her nipples while fingering her and used her hand to masturbate. i licked my fingers and liked the taste and when i came i put my sperm on her lips and used some on my fingers pushing back inside of her.
now i couldn't wait for her to get drunk. every time she was drunk i would feel her up and exploring her body.
about a year later she was sleeping on her side nude so i got behind her in the spooning position and slipped my penis into moms vagina, within seconds i was Cumming inside of her. the feeling of her warmth how slippery she was and sex for the first time was incredible.
all of my first sexual experience's were with my drunk mother. it was the greatest experience of my life



by Anonymous on Jul 3, 2022 at 6:29 AM

This was really hot and interesting, until you got to the part about slipping your cock into her vagina. Try again, this time she's not passed out and really enjoys being fucked by her kid.

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by Anonymous on Jul 3, 2022 at 7:04 PM

So you're 49, you r**ed your unconscious mother when you were a teen, and that was the greatest experience of your life?

You must be one sorry son of a bitch.

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