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Cousin's Kids

My cousin sister's 20-year-old son bathes his 15 and 13-year-old sisters naked. He himself never takes of his cloths, but keeps his sisters naked during baths. He has been doing this since childhood. My cousin sister don't stop him. Is it normal?

Stayover Fuck

Though I have a boyfriend now, I did enjoy lesbian times during my bachelor’s days. I went to stay with a friend of mine, Sony who was living in a small apartment with her elder sister, Mony. Mony was in her first year of Master’s while I was in my first-year bachelor's. I and Sony had a project together. Sony and Mony had separate rooms. However, Mony had a bigger bed than Sony so at night I was told to sleep with Mony. This is where things got hot.

As we were all girls in the house, we had already gotten rid of our bras. Sony was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I had brought my pyjamas. When I went into Mony’s room, I saw that she was wearing a crop top with mini shorts. I could see her nipples poking the top and her camel toe made me tingle my pussy. She was acting very friendly and she hugged me. Her boobs collided with mine and I felt her be softer. There was a dim light in the room and I was in a sleep trance when I began to feel the breath on my neck from my back. I opened my eyes and understood that Mony was breathing on me. Her hands worked over my body. She touched my boobs over my clothes. I could not move, maybe because I was not feeling violated but rather relaxed. She moved her hand all over my body, pressing my boobs, and ass. I wanted her to touch me more. Her hand slowly got under my top and she began to press both my boobs and pinch my nipple. I turned and lay on my back. I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me. She leaned in for a kiss and we kissed passionately for some time.

Then she took off my tops and turned on the bedside table light. She was looking mystical in the light. She also took off her crop top. As I knew, her boobs were bigger than mine. Then my pyjamas were taken off. I spread my legs and her slender fingers worked on my pussy so well that I arched my body at one point. I don’t know when but her tongue began playing around my pussy so well that I could neither go on nor could I stop. I got soaking wet. Then she got on me and began pressing and sucking my boobs fanatically. I was enjoying every bit of it.

Then she told me to pleasure her. So, I got on her and licked her neck and worked my way to her lips and boobs. She grabbed my hair and I did the best I could. Then my hands went over her pussy and I felt her softness which made me even wetter. I pulled down her shorts and told her that I want to see her well and so she turned on the top light and I could see her beautifully shaped body very well. I don’t know why but I said fuck me. She said I will and she brought a strapon from her almira and put it on. She turned me and asked me if I want pussy fuck or ass fuck, I said pussy and she began thrusting me so hard that I almost fainted. Then both of us took shower together and went to sleep.

Study As A Boy

I had a junior in my high school. She had studied in boys schools up until standard 8. It was a village school and she was a shy kid. Due to some family issues that I don’t know properly, she studied there posing as a boy. As she talked too little and was one of the attentive students in the class, not many were her friend. Also, she had a slender body and she was a late boomer as well. So, feminine features were not visible during her study as a boy. However, when she changed to my high school, she decided to get in as a girl. I heard that she used to avoid answering which school she came from.
However, high school was very tough for her as she was the only late boomer in the class. Though she started her period around the end of standard 8, she was not developing boobs properly. By the end of standard 10, she was stuck with an A cup, whereas her classmates were having B and C mostly. She used to be shamed a lot for it by the girls. I heard she was being told iron board, FBL (Front Back Level), runway etc. I felt very bad and I tried talking to her but she was hard to talk to. Even in the washroom girls would pinch her small boobs. I stopped a few instances though. She did not grow even at the end of standard 11 when I left high school. I met her again at my University but this time she had a bf and was happier than before. I heard that boy was her classmate in the boys' school.

Pee On A Bus

I was travelling with my friends on a bus. The seat was somewhere in the between the last and middle seats. I got asleep as the journey was very long. The bus stopped for a break at a highway restaurant and my friends did not wake me up. I woke up around 30 minutes after the bus started moving. I began to feel the pee pressure. It was to much for me to hold for another 2-3 hours. My bladder was about to burst and I could not ask the bus to stop anywhere. I told my friend about my condition. She told me to hold it but I said I cannot. So, she said that I need to pee my pant. I thought only if I could pee in a bottle and then throw it out but we were not carrying any disposable bottle. It was the only option left. I asked for a sanitary pad from my friend. The lights were off so, I pulled down my trousers and as soon as I was about to put it in my panties, the bus stepped on a speed braker, we jumped and the brake of my bladder was also broken. Even before I could realize, I was peeing my panties. No time to put it in and thus I held the pad over the panties. I could feel nothing for a while. I was only feeling that my body was getting lighter as I was leaking through my pee hole. As I finished, I removed the pad. It soaked every drop out side the panties were drenched as well. I had a nail cutter in my bag and I used it to cut off my panties. I put both my panties and the pad in the vomit bag and sealed it. The trouser had a few drops as I could feel the wetness while I put it on. But I endured it anyway. Later, as I reached the destination in the morning, the younger brother of my friend told me that he knows I peed my pants. He saw me throwing my panties and the bus had reeks of pee. Every body was talking about where that smell came from. So to keep him silent, I had to spend some money.

Helplessly Exposed To My Family For Sickness

When I was 15 around, I was severely sick. I was unable to move properly as my head was heavy and I was feeling I lost all my feelings of the body. Sometimes I would feel that I was half fainted. In this situation, I was dependent on others for my chores. Pipe was though my nose for feeding me. I was put into diapers.
Now, the embarrassing part was that it was all done by my elder brothers. In the initial days, I wet myself several times as I was only having liquids. So, like kids, my brother made me bottom less and my butt was on a squared piece of cloth to stop the pee from reaching the bed. They would take turn to change the cloths and wipe me. Later, they managed diapers. The diaper change was like kids as well.
But during the bath time I was fully naked and bathed by them. Added with my brothers, I was also seen in that situation by other kid cousins age between 8-12. In a culture where usually girls don't pull clothes over their knees, I was seen bottom less. I wondered if my brothers had a hardon when they touched all my privates. But I never could ask them as I was too embarrassed to even talk about this.

Ps. For those who are wondering my body size. I was average built slender girl that time. Hips and boobs were proportionate. Wore 32B bra that time.

You See Mine And I See Yours

I was 9 years only when I saw, and touched my first penis and balls. It was also the first time I dropped my panties for someone. He was my classmate and I went over to his place. being the youngest of the family, I never had the chance to be exposed to penis before. So, during play I asked him about the difference of boy and girl. He told me it is the pee hole. So, I asked him to show me his and I will show mine. He was in tshirt and shorts. I was in frock and panties.
I pulled down mine first for no reason actually. He said wow and told me my pee place is quite fair but nothing much is there. He touched with his fingers on my pussy lips. A tingling feeling was there.
Then he pulled down his pant and he was not wearing undies. So his small penis and balls were there in front of me. I was a bit disgusted to see something handing between legs. Still I touched it and felt it. He was uncut. Soon he got hard as well. I asked him to make it soft but he said he cannot. It is automatic. I did not like it then. So, it ended there.
After two months he was circumcised and I heard his penis was cut. I wanted to see it so I visited him later and asked him. He showed me and I found that it looked different. I told him is his pee pipe still automatic. He said yes. I asked why the cut was there. He told me that the skin is unnecessary and thus need to be cut.

For A Grade

I was bad in maths but I needed to pass this particular course. I could not afford to fail and retake the subject. So, I slept with the course teacher. He was young and had a healthy cock. My tight pussy enjoyed every bit of it. So, it was a double win for me as I ended up with a A- to avoid suspicion. I heard a few other female students also did work around his cock but the names were not revealed.

Dildofied Inbox

Lot of woman can relate to this. Since I opened Facebook. Not a single month has passed when I did not have a cock pic in my other inbox. I opened it at 18 years of age. I got from 14 year old to 50 year old guys sending me their mouse pic numerous times. Not that I hate all. There were some that looked very healthy and I talked to them. I tricked them into sending me videos as well. In return I only talked to them over messenger for sometime and them blocked them.

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