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Pee On A Bus

I was travelling with my friends on a bus. The seat was somewhere in the between the last and middle seats. I got asleep as the journey was very long. The bus stopped for a break at a highway restaurant and my friends did not wake me up. I woke up around 30 minutes after the bus started moving. I began to feel the pee pressure. It was to much for me to hold for another 2-3 hours. My bladder was about to burst and I could not ask the bus to stop anywhere. I told my friend about my condition. She told me to hold it but I said I cannot. So, she said that I need to pee my pant. I thought only if I could pee in a bottle and then throw it out but we were not carrying any disposable bottle. It was the only option left. I asked for a sanitary pad from my friend. The lights were off so, I pulled down my trousers and as soon as I was about to put it in my panties, the bus stepped on a speed braker, we jumped and the brake of my bladder was also broken. Even before I could realize, I was peeing my panties. No time to put it in and thus I held the pad over the panties. I could feel nothing for a while. I was only feeling that my body was getting lighter as I was leaking through my pee hole. As I finished, I removed the pad. It soaked every drop out side the panties were drenched as well. I had a nail cutter in my bag and I used it to cut off my panties. I put both my panties and the pad in the vomit bag and sealed it. The trouser had a few drops as I could feel the wetness while I put it on. But I endured it anyway. Later, as I reached the destination in the morning, the younger brother of my friend told me that he knows I peed my pants. He saw me throwing my panties and the bus had reeks of pee. Every body was talking about where that smell came from. So to keep him silent, I had to spend some money.



by AmoMano on Jan 21, 2022 at 4:42 AM

I had a similar experience of peeing in the minibus. There is a fortunate part and unfortunate part of the story. Firstly, I was drinking a lot of water as it was a hot weather. So, in the middle of the highway the pee pressure was getting hard to handle. So, I emptied the plastic bottle by drinking the remaining water. Then I pulled out my cock through the zipper and put it through the bottle mouth. Then I peed. However for some reason, my cock got hard and it was stuck to the mouth. I could not pull it out and I panicked. My cousin noticed it an began to laugh. I tried to keep it down and he was having trouble holding his laugh. I tried thinking about weird things to make it soft. But each time I tried to pull it out it would get hard again. It took me a few minutes to get myself soft and I could pull it out. My cousin teased me for a month for this.

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by Akina on Jan 21, 2022 at 7:07 AM

Just read it in the confession section. It was funny though. Penis sure gets hard and soft at wrong times. In public, getting a hard on is humiliating but during sex, getting soft is humiliating.

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