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I got caught making out with a kid in an empty classroom. A teacher had come in as the guy was fingering me and his cock was out and I was stroking it. They separated us, had counselors come in, took statements and filed paperwork with child services. They said the boy I was with was going to get arrested for attempted rape. I was so scared.

The school cop and some other cop interviewed me and wanted me to sit down with some big shot sex detective so they could do a case against him. They brought me to the police station. The detective asked me where my parents were. He called my mom and spoke with her then asked if I would answer some questions. I said ok. I was shitting myself.

This detective guy was a scary fucking dude. I thought my friend was screwed. He told me that the other cops and the school people told him my friend had made out with me in a classroom and had digitally penetrated me. after he explained what that meant I told him that was true. He asked me if I wanted him to do that. I said yes. He said hold on and walked out. I heard him yelling at the other cops then came in pissed off and called my mom back and said "false alarm" and gave me a ride home and apologized for the whole thing and explained that sex makes people act stupid and said that he would take care of it with my friend and the school. The school superintendent called my mom to apologize a couple hours later. Too cool.


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