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Asexual Lady

I was born in Ponce Puerto Rico, my father was a policeman who was forced to retire because of alcoholism. He went from job to job and after two years he was permanently unemployed and we were living with my mother's older sister. My aunt had one daughter who was four years older and I slept with her in her room.

She left home after she finished high school and went to live in Chicago and worked in a bar. When I finished high school she invited me to come stay with her and she could get me a job in the bar. My mother told me to go, things at home were bad financially, my father was in bad health and my younger brother had dropped out of school and had been arrested for stealing a car.

My cousin was very happy to have me with her, she was working as a bartender and got me a job as a waitress. We worked till 2 am, got home around 3 and slept till 10 or 11. After I got there my cousin told me she didn't like guys and liked girls, and she was butch and sometimes a girl came home with her. If I met a guy I could bring him home too, but no screaming.

I met a man, not a guy and he offered to take care of me and he would pay for an apartment. My cousin told me to be careful but she wasn't against me moving to be his girlfriend. This man was divorced, had a daughter older than me, paid for the apartment and gave me spending money. He had problems in the cock department, and at first he wanted me to show him but really he just wanted company and while I was with him I never had sex. I did go to school and got my Associated degree in business.

My cousin introduced me to a guy who did have sex with me. This upset my man friend and he stopped seeing me and paying my rent. I should note that I was 25 then and it was the first time I had sex and I didn't have sex again until I was 29. I still live with my cousin, we are more like sisters, she has a girl over from time to time, I just don't get excited about sex, I have only had sex those two times. I work as an office manager for an insurance agent.



by nunya on Jun 29, 2020 at 8:00 AM

If you're back to living with your lesbian cousin and she's unattached, have you considered warming her bed and seeing whether there is an unexplored lesbian streak in yourself? Surely she's had enough experience with other women to have honed her oral skills to the point that getting you off shouldn't be an issue.

Who knows? Maybe she'll enjoy your virgin tongue and teaching you how to lick pussy for effect.

Oh, and an opening tip to get you started: shave your pubes if you don't already. I'm certain your cousin will appreciate the gesture - and the fact that your pussy doesn't come with a mouthful of hair.

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