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Both Ends Filled

So right from the start I want to say this is a confession but just a confession of a filthy fantasy and not something my wife and I have done. At least not yet. I guess it's not a constant thing, not an obsession I guess. Just a dirty fantasy that does get my juices going.
It's something that we sometimes bring up when we're having one of our marathon, all around the house, hours of play days.

So basically because it's fantasy anything goes and it doesn't have to make real sense. In reality this would be kind of hard but not impossible to pull off with the right partner(s).
This could take place at an hourly rates hotel, because the whole thing is pretty sleazy and nasty.

In all cases it's understood that my pretty young wife is dressed in some sort of very pretty lingerie. Maybe a fancy bra & panty set with garter and stockings. Maybe a particularly favorite nightie. We both agree that even though she's got a slim and curvy body, it's sexier to have something on than nothing at all.
So, we're someplace slightly nasty and we've got a guy whom I found on craigslist who knows he's gonna get some nsa anal and oral and that's it. He's not a friend or somebody we want to get to know better. His sole purpose is to provide a specific cock.
He's got to have a sort of long and quite skinny dick, maybe 8 or 9 inches but slim like a finger or two.

So the way this goes is my wife is kneeling up on the bed with her ass facing the side. The guy we invited to play is lying back while she's licking and sucking his bone. She's getting him hard and wet and she knows she better do a good job of it for her own sake. Meanwhile I'm kneeling on the floor behind her and kissing her, caressing her beautiful little ass and telling her how hot and sexy she is. I'm also giving her the rimjob of her life, licking and tongue fucking her hole, shoving spit in her and getting her wet and loose.
Our extra guy is making moaning noises and says she needs to stop or he'll cum too soon.

We men change positions so now I'm on the bed in front of my wife. I'm holding her and deep french kissing her. I'm tasting his cock and juice on her tongue and she's tasting her ass on mine. We're both turned on like mad as the guy starts gently slipping his dick in her back door.
It's exciting to hear her moan into my mouth as he slowly slides in deeper and deeper. He's moaning too and saying how hot and tight she feels. After a bit he says he's all the way in.
My wife and I continue kissing and now he's fucking her ass for real. Sliding his long bone almost out and deep in her guts.
In the fantasy he's able to bareback her and soon he's grunting and says he's really "packing her shit" and he's gonna cum soon and where does she want it.
I tell him to blow his load in her ass.

He gives her his cumload and her hand is between her legs working and fingering herself. I'm still kissing her and telling her what a whore she is to let a man she doesn't even know fuck her up the ass. When he slips out his dick is streaked with assjuice and I can't resist taking it in my mouth and sucking her slime off it. He thanks us and gets his pants on and gets out of there.
We continue making out on the bed as she climbs on top and takes my steel hard cock in her pussy. I reach around and squeeze her cheeks and tell her what a nasty slut she is and how much I love her. She's rubbing her clit and on the edge of cumming and says she loves when I make her do dirty things.


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