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Yearning Horny Stepmom W Secret

I’m a 43yr old divorced mom and my stepson who is 16 also. His dad is in jail for years since he just got locked up. I also have a daughter in college. I don’t have much of life and work a lot.anyway. For the last 3 months during my periods mostly I’ve had the most sexually graphic thoughts of my stepson seeing me naked accidently or anything. So I’ve been leaving items in the bathroom on purpose that he can’t ignore. I always leave my tampons in trash can cause I want him to see them an then picture them inside my pussy. I will also masturbate cumming a lot and use a pantyliner to wipe my soaked pussy and leave those in trash can face up so the my cum juice is noticeable. Last thing was yesterday when right when he got home I left my dirty panties on the toilet seat crotch panel showing with days worth of my c**t juices evident. Waited till he went in the bathroom for a few seconds before knocking on the door innocently asking if I had left a pair of panties in there because I was gonna wash a load of clothes. He handed them to me and smiled. I swear I came involuntary at that moment. I’ve seen the impression of his dick in a wet bathing suit and it’s fuckin thick as shit. I would let him fuck me in my ass pussy or husk get skull fucked. Wtf do I do



by nunya on Jul 1, 2020 at 1:06 PM

Have you considered letting him 'catch' you while you're nude from the shower or in an untied robe while you're making coffee in the morning?

If you want to go for the gold on the first pass, leave your door cracked and let him catch you masturbating while you moan his name. If he's got any horn dog at all in him, the sight of you with your thighs spread and pussy wet should bring him to the bed without hesitation. Hell, from the sounds of it, he's messing with your head already and trying to figure out how to move things forward since he's already shown you his cock print.

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