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My Son's Friend

I feel like a horrible mom for doing this so here I go, a couple of years ago my son's best friend Sam came over, Sam was a tall kid who was extremely sweet, my son and Sam were at the pool and I noticed how Sam had an 8 pack, I was so turned on I had to go to the bathroom and finger myself. My husband and I haven't had sex in like a couple of months and I can tell Sam had a huge cock, I knew it was wrong but I wanted Sam to shove his cock in my tight pussy, when my son went to the store I asked Sam to help me in the laundry room, needless to say I grabbed his cock and it wasn't even hard, but I can tell it was huge, he was confused and tried to resist, I got on my knees and gave him the best blowjob he had, all of sudden he took off my shorts and fucked me on wall like an animal, he was hitting my spot nonestop, it was so much thicker than my husband and it was longer, I have never cummed so much in my life, I was moaning so loud, he fucked me for an hour and cummed deep inside my pussy, we didn't say anything. All we did was pretend nothing happened, it's been 3 years since it happened, I ended up seeing him and talking to him about it, one thing led to another and we started fucking again, I can't get enough of his huge BBC, I'm a bad wife and mother but I can't escape the lust


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