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Ultra Dirty Minded Sub Dad

I’m a married str8 man in everyone’s eyes, only a few people people know how kinky and twisted I am sexually....
I’m TrueType bisexual, I’ve been and done lots of kinky sex things, no blood or poo....
But I have enjoyed so many sexual things, at my age now,still married to an amazing wife, she has had a low sex drive for years but better today after discovering I have had sex with men as an alternative to no sex at home,
I have as of late felt the desire to become a submissive cock sucker, pleasing other men’s needs....
I have met another man that loves me sucking him off, 6 times now, I love sucking him off for his pleasure, and the prize at the end, I swallow his cum but save enough to taste and remember the event as I drive away, I do not cum in front of him, I even wear my chastity cage sometimes, I love seeing the wt spot on my pants as I drive away!!!
The other day he said his son was coming by to get his dog he was dog setting!
Latter as I remembered the fun I fantasized he brought the dog into the room and made me suck his cock too, I then fantasized he placed me in a submissive position and then he mounted me, taking my arse till I was knotted and totally used, and forced to take my dogs cock again in my mouth as my man pussy is filled with dog cock and cum!!!!!


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