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Town Slut

I'm making this confession of a dirty fantasy that me and the wife have shared for a long time. Not to the point of trying it and it's not an every time thing, but it does slip in when we're really hot sometimes.
First off I'm mwm, 55, abt 6'tall, 210, average 6" thick cut. More important for you to appreciate this is my naughty wife. She's mid 40s and looks ten years younger. Tallish and slim, abt 5'7" and 125lbs. Small but perfectly plump and perky tits, great legs and a cute little round bubble butt. Long dark hair that goes all the way down her back to her ass and deep brown eyes. When she gets ready for bed and puts on any of the dozens of little nightys I got her she looks like a model from a stroke book magazine.

A little more information is we been married about ten years and I've known her for almost fifteen. Met her back when craigslist was a thing where you could meet up for hookups. She has a real oral fetish and has always loved sucking cock. When we met she was getting over a bad divorce and was feeling free and easy. She placed an ad to get married men looking for no strings head. She'd meet guys once or twice a week and there was no romancing or any bullshit. She just wanted to smoke their bones and she had plenty of partners. Lots of the men became regulars, guys whose wives lost interest in sex or wouldn't suck their dick.
At first I was just another bone for the hot little bitch.
I was single but too busy to date much and not looking for a gf, just getting my ashes hauled.
So she was blowing me and a few other guys on the regular and after awhile we got to like each other and I took her out for a real date. Little by little we got more serious and eventually she was cutting off the other guys and just spending her time with me. After some more time we bit the bullet and gave each other a ring and have been really happy since then.

So the thing is that I get off knowing what a slut she was for that year or two when she was blowing lots of cocks. Sometimes when we're making out I'll tell her how I love kissing her dirty mouth and she gets turned on too.
That's where this thing comes in.
I would rent a room at a cheap motel in a nearby town. Bring her and have her put on one of her nightys and lots of whore makeup.
I'd also put on her satin blindfold and make sure it's nice and secure and she can't take it off. Sometimes we say I'd put her in handcuffs too.

I would have to do some prep work to make this happen. I'd go around our little town and get at least six guys, like supermarket clerks, coffee bar guys, waiters at local restaurants, in other words men who we'd see off and on just in the course of a regular day or week.
When we're ready I'd put a plastic tarp on the floor of the room and place my naughty wife on it.
The men would be texted the room number and when everyones there, we would all unzip and take out our dicks and take turns in her mouth. When guys were ready they could either cum in her mouth (her favorite) or on her face and tits (my favorite)
Part of the thing that turns her on is hearing the guys talking about her, how hot she looks, what nice tits she has, her hairy mound, her skill at sucking cock. The more they talk about her like a whore the better she likes it.
When everyone was satisfied with fucking her mouth and she's got at least a half a dozen loads on her, then we'd wash her off with our piss.
She's usually cumming by this point with her hand stuck up her pussy and hot yellow rain hitting her face and body.

The thing that really brings her over the edge is when I tell her how all the cock she sucked was guys who know her and from now on whenever she's out in town she'll never know if the guy at the checkout counter who's smiling and friendly was one of the men who has had his dick in her mouth. When she's getting a mocha latte she might be getting it from a guy who has pissed in her mouth. She'd never know if any of the men she ccomes in contact with knows her secret, that she's a whore.
It turns us both on to think that lots of men would know what a dirty little cocksucking c**t she is and how she looks without her clothes on.


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