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Cocksleeve Fuckpig Wife

I mean it in all the best ways. My wife is a total sub when it comes to sex, she's up for anything I want to do no matter how kinky. She was a slut from the time she started fucking in her very early teens. By the time she was 14 she'd been fucked by 24 different guys, many times each. After that, gangbangs, bukkake, anything. If the guy wanted to do it, she did it. I knew it when I met her, she made no bones about it letting me buttfuck her on our first date. She went to the toilet and left the door open while she peed, I walked over and watched the pee flowing from the c**t I'd just fucked, my sperm dripping out. My cum always drips out because she really isn't tight enough for it to stay in. She's 36 now, very attractive with black hair, and when growing it all in, she has a very ample bush on her pussy. She has 34DD tits, with quarter size areolae but her nips are almost a half inch thick and the same in length. I love it when she's in a bikini and everyone can see her nips poking out.

She will fuck anyone I say, take as many cocks as she can, our record and hers also, is 34 guys over 2 days. We got a motel suite and had a party, guys just came and went and most went 2 to 4 times over those two days. My favorite though was when we were in Las Vegas a couple years ago and we repeated this in other cities. I made her get on the phone and order an escort for me. She not only stood naked watching but I made her stick my cock into the whores pussy and ass. I made my wife put on the rubber.

It was established on the phone that the girl knew this would happen and didn't have to do anything with my wife other than let her watch. But she was bi and from the language i was using and the names I was calling my wife, not to mention the words "cocksleeve, and Fuckpig" written on her in marker . . . she stayed and had my wife go down on her till she got off. I really like being married to a total slut, a whore, a fuckpig who has had so many cocks and pussies.


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