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I Always Wanted To... Now...tomorrow

I never, ever stepped into my sisters room. Never. I looked in several times to holler at her for school or dinner. One time I looked in to holler at her for taking to long to get ready to go out for dinner. She was standing in front of her mirror, her long dark hair over her shoulders, wearing nothing but black shoes and lacy topped white socks. No panties, no bra. Her hips are starting to get wide and her little titties aren't so little anymore. There is sparse, coal black hair covering her pussy. The prettiest flawless white skin I have ever seen. She knew I was gonna be looking in on her. She had to know. I noticeed her panties, bra and dress laying on her bed ready for her to slip on. She made a cute little squeal and threa a pillow at me and said get out.

She started coming into my room wearing just her underwear. She wasn't allowed in my room when she was undressed. Whenever she was caught she was scolded but never punished. I like to read, laying back on my bed with just my small LED reading lamp on. She came in one night and knealt down beside my bed and asked me to teach her how to kiss. I told her, flatly, no, I'm your brother and I'm not kissing you.

That's what I thought! She immediately locked lips with me. I was starting to push her away when I realized I like what she was doing, so I stopped pushing her away and let her continue. I realized right then that I love long, wet, sloppy kisses. I was close to cracking a nut when she stopped, stood up and said, I LIKED THAT! Can we do it again? How could I refuse? She went to bed and I had to jack off about three times that night.

A couple nights later she snuck in my oom again, this time she had a robe on. She dropped her robe and she was wearing just her panties. She immediately started sucking my face. It was awesome! Where de she learn to do that? She looked me in the eye and asked if kissing made my dick hard? Yes it does...can I touch it?...NO!...she slid her hand in my boxers and grabbed my dick...I was begging my dick, please don't cum...she stroked it a few times and I grabbed her hand and made her quit. She left my room and I had to abuse my self half the night. She did this for a long time , some times sticking her fingers under my nose so I could smell her pussy. I never touched with my hands but I didn't stop her from doing what she wanted short of sex.

Turns out she is a dyed in the wool lesbian and she has some gorgeorus GF. Thats when she stopped sneaking into my room.

That was 8 years ago. I was 17, she was 13. Now I have my own place and she's coming for a visit. I'm watching out the window as she's walking up the walkway. It's cool out side but she's wearing a very short skirt under he coat. Unplanned perfection! I'm standing here naked waitng for her. As soon as she walks in the door I'm going to fuck her. She knows it, that's whay she's coming. I may not even pull her panties down. I might just pull them aside and fuck her right there on the foyer floor. She's coming in the door, she sees my hard dick, she's smiling, she know she's about to get fucked.


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