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Irish Cream

My cheeky girlfriend and flatmate for several years is a usually soft spoken and quiet girl but when she has a snootful of good whisky the devil comes out in her. She knows I like it when she gets in the mood and talks dirty to me.
The other night we got back from the local and she was teasing all the way home about her having an itchy arsehole and wanting me to fix it for her. Every time she made a crack about what she wanted it made my prick throb. When we got there she started taking off her clothes as soon as the door was closed and by the time I got to the bedroom after a piss she was on all fours and her perfect rosebud was winking at me.
I know what the chav bitch wanted and I had a terrible hunger for it my own self. I took her moons in my hands and spread her even more and kissed that moist and pungent place where her poo comes from. She shuddered and moaned and muttered something like That's the spot.
I ate her arse out for her and I'd be ashamed to say it anywhere else but here because I had a lustful hunger myself.
In a wink I had my johnson jacketed and gave the tart a proper buggering. It's so nasty and we both know it's wrong and it just made us both enjoy it all the more. I was pistoning my prick up her shitter and she was just about fisting her quim. I can't say how many times she had herself climaxes but it was good for us both and when she collapsed flat on the bed I dropped down onto her back feeling the sweaty slickness of the little slag.
Someday I may get her good and snockered and have a mate or two help out.


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