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When I was little, my father would touch and kiss me and get me off. I lost my anal virginity for Christmas when I was 9 and my regular virginity for my birthday three months later. I got fingers and tongue and cock inside me on an almost daily basis for years until I was 14 and my father died in an accident. I still missed him and ended up marrying a man twelve years my senior and giving birth a week before my 18th birthday, four months after my wedding. Five years later, my husband "traded in for a newer model" and I was raising three kids by myself. That was six years ago.

When the Quarantine started in April, I was worried about being at home all day with my two boys and a girl. At the end of April, I had drunk some wine, my little girl whined about "being bored", and I started blabbing about my sex life with my father. I was very graphic. And when my oldest boy started rubbing his shorts, I asked if he wanted a blowjob. At the end we all ended up going down on each other and my kids had practical lessons in handys. I woke up that night with my oldest son trying to penetrate me, and got into position for him and we both enjoyed it. I realized that I'm likely showing effects of my childhood, as this is not normal behavior, but I really have no problem with the act itself.

It's gotten worse since then. My kids are as likely to screw as they are to play video games. My oldest boy is a horndog and does me and his siblings every day. I do worry about the schools reopening and my babies, now used to this lifestyle, might let something slip. It also worries me that my oldest son is a fertile male and I'm a fertile female and I haven't used birth control in thirteen years.



by Reacher on Aug 2, 2020 at 9:12 PM

Very nice I am in same situation with may granddaughter what age did it start for you did you ever felt forced or it felt like deep love. Like to hear your take on it maybe we can talk privately about this

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by Anonymous on Aug 3, 2020 at 5:36 AM

After your father's passing, did you act out with older men? Hint or blatantly tell them your pussy and mouth were available to them?

Between your dad's death and your marriage to the 30 year old, how many grown up daddy dicks did you sample?

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