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Living The Life

I worked closely with my boss st work and he fell in love with me. He monopolized me and we started having sex. I was young and told him that one day I wanted to get married and have children. He said I should marry Jim and he would gladly father children with me. One inconvenience, he was already married.

He started putting me with his wife, telling me that as far as he was concerned I was his second wife. There were several loud discussions between the three of us, and one Saturday night he put us on the spot, that we agree to live together as a man with two wives. We knew better than to argue when he spoke to us in that tone, he had made up his mind. Because I was the younger wife I was in the middle.

Two months later we rented a house on the beach and we had a commitment ceremony with friends and family. To live together we agreed that as wives we would speak in one voice, and that he had the final decision as he was the husband and father.

Five years and going strong, I got my children, he got me as a wife and I got a sister. Ours is not a sex lifestyle, it is a family lifestyle, sex happens and we have worked out the kinks.


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