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How Did She Know...?

My wife, who is super fit, trim, and athletic (she used to be a runner and instructor at a gym) gave me a real treat for my birthday earlier this week. I came home from work to find her and her chubby friend Ashley having magaritas in our living room and our dining room table set up for a taco dinner. I understood the tacos, but not the Ashley - why was she here, I thought.

Now, I've always had a thing for Ashley - she and my wife got to be friends when Ashley joined the gym to lose some weight and took one of my wife's classes. She didn't lose much, but she liked the way she felt doing the exercise. Matter of fact, first time I saw Ashley was when I was visiting my wife for lunch and caught her trying to work out.

She was getting a lot of weird looks, but good on her for keeping at it! That's the first time I saw that perfect round face (red of course from exertion), that fat ass in workout pants, and that gorgeous brunette pony tail. I've always liked bigger girls, kind of in secret. I've never told my wife I was into Ashley, but I watch a lot of chubby girl porn. Nothing hotter to me than a chubby brunette with a hairy pussy in lingerie. Of course, my wife is none of those things, but that's not her fault.

Anyway, so Ashley and my wife are tipsy, I can already tell. We do dinner, fantastic tacos, and head to the back porch to keep drinking - wife offers to clean up and so it's just Ashley and me and she's drunk. No two ways about it. And she's the touchy-feely type of drunk, flushed in the face, and acting kind of silly. Wife joins us and it essentially becomes a contest of who can get the closet to me, act like a complete silly bimbo, and possibly one of those contests where people touch an object for hours and if you remove your hand you lose. Happy Birthday to me.

Wife brings us all back in as it's after dark and pretty late. Ashley is in no state to drive, so wifey asks her to stay in our guest bedroom. Or you could just sleep with us, she throws out there. It gets awkward, a few moments go by, Ashley says she wants to sleep with us. Oh my.

So we get ready for bed, it's nervous but still silly. My wife loans her a tee shirt to sleep in, it's too small and shows off the bottom of Ashley's ass - and she's wearing black satin underwear. We all three get into bed and wifey arranges us so we it's essentially me in the middle with one of them on either side. She starts to turn out the light, then stops and says she forgot we all need goodnight kisses. I laugh, okay, I kiss my wife.

Now you kiss her, she says. My heart is pounding and I'm not sure what to do - is this a joke? Ashley makes this goofy kissy face and puckers up, says c'mon hubby let's have a kiss. So I look at wifey, she nods, and I kiss her, lightly. As I start to pull away, wifey says that's no good and pushes us together from my side and pushes my free arm up around Ashley. We're totally making out at that point, and wifey approves. When we pull away, Ashley is breathless and I'm pretty dazed myself.

Wifey leans over both of us and kisses Ashley on the cheek. Then she gets up and walks out of the bedroom, looking back once and saying have fun.

Left alone, it's super awkward, but Ashely is cudding up against me pretty hard at this point. I lift her chin, she's blushing and still kind of out of breath. More? She nods. We kiss more, it's good. Her mouth and cheeks are so soft and she's a very breathy kisser. She inhales sharpy and pulls me closer to her. My hand is up near her ear and back of her neck and I'm freely checking it out, just touching and stroking and massaging. She seems to like it, she tastes like tequila and a little like tacos, lol.

Her hand finds my cock via my boxers. Mmm is all she says. I return the favor, but I push my fingers down into those satin panties and I feel...hair. And warmth, and dampness of her fat pussy. Holy shit. I rub it gently with broad strokes and she's loving it. Roll over, I say, and she does. We're spooning now and I've got a hand down her panties and my mouth is all over her neck and ears, and her hairline on the back of her neck. She's breathing so heavily now!

Put it in me, she says quietly. Please. She grinds back against my cock, which of course has dotted my boxers pretty liberally at this point. Okay, I say. Reach over into the drawer there, I tell her to grab wifey's lube. I use a little on myself and a little on her, and then slide in. She gasps.

And right there, where wifey usually lays, I slow fucked Ashley, panties around her ankles, shirt hiked up to feel her soft tits, turning her toward me to kiss her then back again to fuck, probably six times. I couldn't get enough of her. I guide her free hand down to her clit and she's touching it while we're doing this. I have no idea if she orgasmed or not, but she sure seemed to enjoy what we were doing.

When I couldn't stand it anymore, I had her turn completely on her tummy and, cock still in her, shifted my weight so that I was fucking her into the bed. She really liked that and let out a loud moan. I pushed into that softness, my God I've never felt anything like it. Her fat pussy made a perfect seal around my cock - it was like my entire cock was being sucked by her body.

We kept at it, slow and intense like that, for what felt like forever. Cum wherever you want, she said. She and I both knew what was going to happen. I flooded her - I moaned in her ear how good she was and erupted inside that fat pussy. She pushed back and twitched and moaned with me while I emptied my soul. Her face, turned sideways, hair covering part of it, mouth perfectly open and lips flushed, was incredible. I kissed her, long and lovingly.

Wifey never came back to bed that night, so I laid with Ashley like we've been doing this sort of thing for years. It was so intimate, felt right.

Next morning Ashley was still touchy feely but wasn't drunk. Wifey was also pretty chipper despite her husband fucking another woman. When Ashley left for work, I called out. Wifey and I talked about everything, pretty much how I framed it here. I asked her how she knew - she said she's always known I've had a thing for bigger women AND she'd seen my porn history early on when we were married. She said that she was going to make that happen for me at some point even if it wasn't with her.

So what happens now I ask her. She says, what happens is you shower up, get some rest, and spend the rest of the day making it up to my pussy. You neglected her last night, bad husband. And you'd better get all philosophical about it when you do it to me, too.

So Happy Birthday to me.



by Anonymous on Aug 1, 2020 at 7:03 AM

That's really hot. Sounds like a great swingerjourney_com start to an adventure

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by Anonymous on Aug 1, 2020 at 8:15 AM

Man, you lucky bastard!!!!!

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by Anonymous on Oct 31, 2020 at 11:56 AM

I love plump brunettes!

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