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Want To Tell Her But Afraid

So since i was 14 i liked the concept of crossdressing and being a sissy and i always wear my mother's clothes and it kept going till on my 18th birthday when i talked to this guy online and decided to meet and ended up bending over for him while wearing mini skirt and a bra.

After that i got deeper into the sissy stuff and found out that a lot of girls like feminizing boys and that a lot of them are doing it also for money and even went even deeper ans started listening to hypnosis but still couldn't find a girl to turn me into a girly sissy.

So I'm 21 now and have a close friend she's very open minded about gays and a lot of other things, and well i was wondering if I should tell her that I'm a guy who likes to crossdress and wondering if she can help me become more girly and feminine or avoid doing it, cause I'm afraid of her reaction

Also was wondering if anyone would volunteer to help me tell her or even tell her themselves



by Anonymous on Aug 1, 2020 at 12:17 AM

You know, if your friend is really openminded about gays, I think you'll find she'll be understanding.
Maybe say you need to talk to her about something super personal and that you value her friendship so very much that you're afraid it might change things between you.
I would expect that she'll put you at ease and be glad to hear what's troubling you.
You might even try asking her to imagine that you're a toy doll and she can dress you up and do your hair and makeup and everything.
I bet your friend will be happy to help and it'll be fun for both of you.
Best of luck and hope it all works out great for you.

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